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Shell Layer for AliLowCodeEngine


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What's Changed

  • feat: console the expression error by @eternalsky in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1563
  • test: add ut for utils/build-components by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1601
  • docs: improve comments for plugin-context by @JackLian in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1606
  • refactor: rename executeLifeCycleMethod to executeLifeCycleMethod by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1613
  • feat: fix prop module issue and ts type definition by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1616
  • feat: add shell config model by @JackLian in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1614
  • test: add ut for designer/prop-setAsSlot by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1620
  • feat: add reverse api to node-children model by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1619
  • fix: fix slot id is automatically generated every time by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1632
  • feat: 相对路径生成动态化 & 解决部分插件 ts 声明问题 by @eternalsky in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1618
  • fix:修改config.onGot 和 editor.onGot 方法与文档不一致的问题 by @ranyue in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1647
  • fix: fix some ts error by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1644
  • fix: fix build error due to ts definition by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1650
  • feat: update the ts definition of the shell module by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1658
  • feat: lowcode component add error placeholder by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1657
  • feat: add getDOMNode api definition in node module by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1651
  • fix: componentList in remote component desc not written into asset by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1662
  • fix: when the component is configured in a loop, the key value changes and renders error by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1670
  • feat: optimize error component output information by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1671
  • feat: disable behaviors according to components in outline-tree by @huxingyi1997 in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1673
  • fix: fix the problem that the outline pane tree cannot be expanded by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1678
  • fix: misspelled words by @silinchen in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1680
  • feat: optimize ts definition by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1693
  • docs: 事件api文档中emit使用了off的接口 by @kit101 in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1695
  • docs: update skeleton.md by @BARMPlus in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1699
  • docs: update docs/docs/article/index.md by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1708
  • docs:update skeleton.md by @BARMPlus in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1704
  • feat: 出码引擎 1.0.8 by @LeoYuan in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1698
  • fix: fix ts error by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1714
  • feat: fix designer:entry ts errors by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1718
  • fix: fix tooltip being covered by other elements by @beautiful-boyyy in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1717
  • feat: optimize outline tree performance and ts definition by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1727
  • feat: material spec add ignoreDefaultValue field to component property description by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1720
  • refactor: rename internalToShell to internalToShellField by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1731
  • docs: update pluginWidget.md by @BARMPlus in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1724
  • fix: fiberkey compatibility by @Cossey11111 in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1733
  • feat: lowCode components support project schema by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1745
  • fix: document-model 文档 isDetectingNode 文案错误 by @zzzhrookie in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1751
  • fix: fix workspace api ts defined by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1753
  • fix: missing i18n param in simulator and renderer by @huxingyi1997 in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1741
  • feat: update skeleton ts defined by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1755
  • feat: support PanelDock icon pointer cursor is always pointer by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1754
  • feat: resourceList children support different resourceName by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1764
  • fix: fixed an issue where the outline tree was not displayed correctly when deleting a node by @liujuping in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1765

New Contributors

  • @ranyue made their first contribution in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1647
  • @huxingyi1997 made their first contribution in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1673
  • @silinchen made their first contribution in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1680
  • @kit101 made their first contribution in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1695
  • @BARMPlus made their first contribution in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1699
  • @beautiful-boyyy made their first contribution in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1717
  • @Cossey11111 made their first contribution in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1733
  • @zzzhrookie made their first contribution in https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/pull/1751

Full Changelog: https://github.com/alibaba/lowcode-engine/compare/v1.1.2...v1.1.4


Last updated on 22 Mar 2023

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