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JS Bundle containing all the functionality needed to render a map with harp.gl


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New Features

  • Split theme to stable and unstable parts in https://github.com/heremaps/harp.gl/pull/2331
  • Lookup style operator in https://github.com/heremaps/harp.gl/pull/2329
  • Implements simple style variable definition in https://github.com/heremaps/harp.gl/pull/2342
  • Adds support for FlatTheme in JsonSchema generation in https://github.com/heremaps/harp.gl/pull/2344

Bug Fixes,

  • Fixes #2295 Remove guide to prevent confusion in https://github.com/heremaps/harp.gl/pull/2313
  • Change URL caching inside ThemeLoader in https://github.com/heremaps/harp.gl/pull/2318
  • Debug karma tests n https://github.com/heremaps/harp.gl/pull/2340
  • Fix shader compilation in Safari 15 on MacOS Monterrey. in https://github.com/heremaps/harp.gl/pull/2337
  • Fixes Frame Complete in https://github.com/heremaps/harp.gl/pull/2338
  • Minor style fix in https://github.com/heremaps/harp.gl/pull/2349
  • Fixes missing Marker on not loaded icon in https://github.com/heremaps/harp.gl/pull/2347
  • Fixes Style Evaluator expression for cached step expression in https://github.com/heremaps/harp.gl/pull/2350

Updated dependencies

  • Fix broken dependencies in https://github.com/heremaps/harp.gl/pull/2317
  • Update npm version in https://github.com/heremaps/harp.gl/pull/2332

Full Changelog: https://github.com/heremaps/harp.gl/compare/v0.27.1...v0.28.0





This is convienience module that provides harp.gl as JS-friendly bundle, with whole harp.gl API exposed in harp namespace.

Usage example with unpkg.com CDN:

<script src="https://unpkg.com/three/build/three.min.js"></script> <!-- harp.gl bundle requires specific threejs version to be already loaded in runtime --> <script src="https://unpkg.com/@here/harp.gl/dist/harp.js"></script> <!-- latest version of harp.gl bundle --> <script> const canvas = document.getElementById("mapCanvas"); const map = new harp.MapView({ canvas, theme: "https://unpkg.com/@here/harp-map-theme@0.2.2/resources/berlin_tilezen_base.json" }); ... </script>

This snippets loads all required scripts and creates MapView with theme loaded from unpkg.com CDN.


@here/harp.gl provides following bundles:

Technical notes

  • harp.js bundle depends on Three.JS being already loaded in Javascript Runtime.
  • harp.gl uses Web Workers from harp-decoders.js to offload CPU intensive work from main thread (in particular for OmvDataSource and GeoJsonDataProvider. Web Workers.
  • For convienience harp.gl detects URL from which is loaded and by default detects location of harp-decoders.js which is distributed together. That may cause problems with same-origin policy that mandates that Web Workers can be loaded only from same origin that main page. To overcome this issue, we attempt to load harp-decoders.js by converting it to Blob. This requires, that CSP policy of your page allows loading workers from blob: URLs.


  • harp.js: Unable to determine location of three(.min).js

    As noted above, harp.gl tries to find URL of three.js so URL can loaded in web-workers. If for some reason you don't have three.js script in your DOM, you can tell harp.gl where to find like this:

    harp.WorkerLoader.dependencyUrlMapping.three = "https://unpkg.com/three/build/three.min.js";
  • Refused to create a worker from 'blob:http://...' because it violates the following Content Security Policy ...

    As noted above, if harp.js and harp-decoders.js is loaded from other domain (like CDN), we try to load script into Blob and then execute worker from blob-url. For this mechanism to work, your CSP policy for worker-src and/or child-src should allow blob: origin. blob: origin is enabled by default, but if for some reason it's not the case, you can re-enable it with following snippet:

    <meta http-equiv="Content-Security-Policy" content="worker-src 'self' blob:" />

    If for some reason, you cannot change CSP policy of your app to allow blob: worker-source, you have to load harp-decoders.js (and possibly harp.js) from same origin as your main page.

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Last updated on 17 Jan 2022

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