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Comparing version 5.1.1 to 5.1.2



@@ -20,3 +20,3 @@ {

"version": "5.1.1"
"version": "5.1.2"

@@ -5,47 +5,2 @@ # Spread and rest properties support in acorn 5

This is plugin for [Acorn]( - a tiny, fast JavaScript parser, written completely in JavaScript.
It implements support for spread and rest properties as defined in the stage 3 proposal [Object Rest/Spread Properties for ECMAScript](
## Usage
You can use this module directly in order to get an Acorn instance with the plugin installed:
var acorn = require('acorn5-object-spread');
Or you can use `inject.js` for injecting the plugin into your own version of Acorn like this:
var acorn = require('acorn5-object-spread/inject')(require('./custom-acorn'));
Then, use the `plugins` option whenever you need to support object spread or rest while parsing:
var ast = acorn.parse(code, {
plugins: { objectSpread: true }
## Differences to acorn-object-rest-spread
is another acorn plugin implementing the same spec. There are some differences, though:
* acorn-object-rest-spread overwrites acorn's `parseObj` with a modified copy from acorn 4,
so that an acorn instance with that plugin cannot for example parse `({async, foo})`
and [wrongly complains about duplicate property names in patterns](
* acorn-object-rest-spread emits `SpreadElement`s with a
`value` property
* acorn-object-rest-spread emits `SpreadElement`s in arrow function argument patterns
and nested object patterns were it should emit `RestElement`s
* acorn-object-rest-spread doesn't check for invalid trailing commas in rest properties
## License
This plugin is issued under the [MIT license](./LICENSE).
With <3 by UXtemple.
Since spread and rest properties are part of ECMAScript 2018, acorn now supports them out of the box. Just make sure that you use acorn >= 5.4.1 and set `ecmaVersion` >= 9. This plugin is deprecated.
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