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Dompack - tools and components to build sites in a ES7/IE11+ world


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Dompack is a minimal collection of APIs to fill some remaining gaps of functionality in an otherwise ES7/IE11+ world, but assumes you'll use native browser features (IE11+) where possible.

Dompack expects to be integrated into your website using WebPack & Babel. dompack-builder can do this for you but usually you'll be using dompack together with the WebHare CMS


Using dompack in WebHare

import * as dompack from 'dompack';

Using dompack outside WebHare

If you intend to ship published files, you amy only need it as a dev-dependency

npm i --save-dev dompack dompack-builder echo '{ "build": { "entrypoint": "site.es" }}' > dompack.json node_modules/.bin/dompack-builder -r . # add '-w' to watch

And add something like this to your pages

<head> <link href="dompackbuild/ap.css" rel="stylesheet"> <script async src="dompackbuild/ap.js"></script> </head>

About dompack

Why not jquery/mootools/... ?

We loved mootools - but its polyfill approach collides too easily with new language/dom features (eg. Array.from) and makes it hard to load two versions of its parts (not that you'd really want too, but compatibility issues and dependencies happen)

Both frameworks also ship with their own event implementations, requiring anyone integrating with these libraries (and components built on it) to register with those event systems. Native events are easier to integrate with.

Mootools (not sure about jquery) stores its event listeners in a global storage, which makes it hard to actually get DOM nodes to be garbage collected.

Multiple instances of mootools (not sure about jquery) which may happen with iframes, can collide with each other and get confused about 'slick ids'...

jQuery builds a parallel API to the DOM, learning you things the jQuery-way that nowadays have a perfectly usable DOM-way, which gets in the way if the site you're working on doesn't include or expose a jQuery object. We liked the mootools approach of always letting you work with the native DOM objects and DOM api.

There are good reasons for these issues (and most of them point back to old browsers or the leaking DOM implementations of IE) but we needed a clean start.

Supported browsers

Our baseline is IE11+, but we're open for IE10 fixes. IE9 and below have too many issues with their event system for us to fix. The other major browsers are supported as long as their vendors support them

Features for components

  • A central debugging framework for components to plugin to.


We try to avoid polyfills as much as possible, as we want ES7(Babel) to fill in all the needed holes. Having said that, Babel does not ship with finally() and to make sure finally is available even after chaining, we've decided to polyfill that.



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