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1.2.1 (2021-01-29)

Bug Fixes

  • scroll carousel: changed transform on hover action (7ec1108)

Bug Fixes

  • custom-date-range: add the ability for the custom date range to open the popover with click (b7c9a3b)
  • custom-date-range: incluye onCloseSelectorDate prop in VCustomDateRange (4ef1f98)
  • custom-date-range: optimize custom date range component (4c43055)
  • custom-date-range: optimize the interaction with the custom date range (0acb5b7)
  • custom-date-range: reset time when selecting user-defined shortcut (510790b)
  • custom-date-range: shortcut problem solved (6d4bc14)
  • custom-date-range: solved problem with custom date range in firefox browser (512afa9)
  • custom-date-range: update performance on custom date range (d8a6d3f)
  • custom-range-components: include validation on the custom date range Component (fd686d1)
  • date-range: fix date range fields and add require validation (a5fad47)
  • daterange-multipletags: changes to the CustomDaterange and VSelectMultipleTags Components (17767cc)
  • i1767: multiple selection component is not working properly (c8915fc)
  • search_input_select: add ability to loading and remove value when Empty is allowed (54dd7bf)
  • search_select: solved last one selected is not showing up right SearchSelect (cd0495b)
  • searchselect: fixed issue that make the app crash due a toString in a null value (a069867)
  • SearchSelect.tsx: Sometimes when a search is done by any criteria results aren't match each other. (366da56)
  • searchselectitems: fix behavior with seleted items (f21a498)
  • vmultipletags: added onChange to clear button (90957b0)
  • VSearchSelectField: Add validation to options prop. (ccca639)
  • VSearchSelectField: Granular Adjustment about when to trigger reaction and get the selected menu item value. (1557515)
  • fixed search select label (1db4592)
  • fixed undefined variable (c290a5b)
  • VSearchSelectField.tsx: Component crashes if get defined value but no options. Gets last item selected when reset search value. (bdfb2b3)
  • VSearchSelectField.tsx: Did some minor component behavior adjustments. (2cc5066)


  • custom_date-range: add custom date range component (e92574c)
  • custom_date-range: add custom date range component (6980e0c)
  • custom-date-range: add disabled prop in VCustomDateRange (ece3fea)
  • custom-date-range: include allowSingleDayRange props in Custom Date range Component (9dcf5f7)
  • custom-date-range: include the interaction with times in custom date range component (41fc4b7)
  • custom-date-range: refactor code in Custom Date Range component (ad7b41b)
  • input with suggestion: added support tu search ignoring case (8c8e61c)
  • placeholder: add placeholder property in VSearchSelect (6e45b7f)
  • search-select: add the ability to display the label when selecting an item (1ff5c05)
  • VDateTimePicker: Add prop to display 6 weeks per months. (75a38bd)
  • VDateTimePicker: Make display 6 weeks per months prop set as default. (55c4aa1)
  • vsearchselect: added Gradient to avoid overlaps in some situations in VSearch (4efbf73)
  • VSearchSelectField: Makes value be available right away on select/deselect an item on menu list.(Besides clicking off dropdown menu ) (24be03b)
  • VSearchSelectField.tsx: Added new way of displaying data list items: as an indented tree. (310f40b)
  • vtaginput: added validation to empty value to avoid crazy stuffs (f378fda)
  • VTagsInput: Updated VTagsInput (3b87aee)
  • VTagsInput: Updated VTagsInput (8f1538e)
  • VTagsInput: Updated VTagsInput (282ca63)
  • added template to SelectUnselect component' (3cfeb0a)
  • updated SelectUnselectItems component (5edd2ba)




It's an extension of the blueprint framework. It has other components that are not included in blueprintjs.


  • VTable - Extension of @blueprintjs/table, added multiple functionalities.
  • VBadge - Native component, not libraries.
  • VCardPanel - Configurable Card, uses Card @blueprintjs/core.
  • VColorPicker - Color Picker Component uses the library react-color.
  • VDragAndDropList - Drag and Drop List Component use the library react-beautiful-dnd.
  • VPaginator - Native Paginator Component, not libraries.
  • VProgressLabel - Native Component, not libraries. Useful to represent multiples progress bar.
  • VCarousel - Native Component, uses react-pose for animations.
  • VSelectionList - Native Component.
  • VSelectUnselectItems - Native Component to switch items between lists.
  • VSpinner - Extension of @blueprintjs/core Spinner.
  • VSuspenseLoadint - Extension of Suspense component of React.
  • VTabsMenu - Extension of @blueprintjs/core Tabs. added customizable functions.
  • VToastNotification - Extension of @blueprintjs/core Toaster.
  • VOrgChart - Native Component uses orgchart library. Useful to represent hierarchies.
  • VSearchSelect - Select with virtual scroll


Last updated on 29 Jan 2021

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