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QDatetimePicker for Quasar


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QDatetimePicker (quasar-app-extension-qdatetimepicker)

QDatetimePicker is a UI App Extension for Quasar Framework v1. It will not work with legacy versions of Quasar Framework.

This work is currently in beta and minor changes may still happen. Your help with testing is greatly appreciated.


Minimum required version is Quasar 1.0.0.


To add this App Extension to your Quasar application, run the following (in your Quasar app folder):

quasar ext add qdatetimepicker


You can use quasar describe QDatetimePicker


Can be found here.

Example Code

<q-datetime-picker label="Standard Date Picker" v-model="date"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker outlined label="Outlined Date Picker" v-model="date"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker outlined label="Outlined Dark Time Picker" mode="time" color="negative" dark v-model="time"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker standout label="Standout DateTime Picker" mode="datetime" color="positive" dark v-model="datetime" format24h></q-datetime-picker>

and the data...

data () { return { date: '2018-11-02', time: '15:46', datetime: '2018-11-02T15:46' } }

Other Examples


<q-datetime-picker label="Standard Date Picker" v-model="date"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker outlined label="Outlined Date Picker" v-model="date"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker filled label="Filled Date Picker" v-model="date"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker standout label="Standout Date Picker" v-model="date"></q-datetime-picker>


<q-datetime-picker mode="date" label="Date Mode" v-model="date"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker mode="time" label="Time Mode" v-model="time"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker mode="datetime" label="Date & Time Mode" v-model="datetime"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker label="Default Mode (date)" v-model="date"></q-datetime-picker>


<q-datetime-picker label="Primary Color with Light Background" v-model="date"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker color="secondary" label="Secondary Color with Light Background" v-model="date"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker dark label="Primary Color with Dark Background" v-model="date"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker color="negative" dark label="negative Color with Dark Background" v-model="date"></q-datetime-picker>


<q-datetime-picker label="A Customized Icon" v-model="date" icon="date_range"></q-datetime-picker>


<q-datetime-picker label="The value can be cleared" v-model="date" clearable"></q-datetime-picker>


<q-datetime-picker label="Time picker in the 24h format" mode="time" v-model="time" format24h></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker label="Time picker in the 24h format" mode="datetime" v-model="time" format24h></q-datetime-picker>


<q-datetime-picker label="Format the date without force the calendar to gregorian and numeric system to latin" v-model="date" display-value></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker label="Format the date in arab(egypt) using arab numeric system" v-model="date" lang="ar-EG" display-value></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker label="Format the date using a computed property" v-model="date" display-value="computedProperty"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker label="Format the date using a filter" v-model="date" display-value="date | filter('args')"></q-datetime-picker>


<q-datetime-picker landscape mode="date" label="Landscape Date Mode" v-model="date"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker landscape mode="time" label="Landscape Time Mode" v-model="time"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker landscape mode="datetime" label="Landscape Date & Time Mode" v-model="datetime"></q-datetime-picker>

today-btn and now-btn

<q-datetime-picker today-btn mode="date" label="Today Button" v-model="date"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker now-btn mode="time" label="Now Button" v-model="date"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker today-btn now-btn mode="datetime" label="Today and Now Button" v-model="date"></q-datetime-picker>


<q-datetime-picker target="self" mode="date" label="DatetimePicker will act like Datetime Input from Quasar 0.17" v-model="date"></q-datetime-picker>

date and time options

<q-datetime-picker target="self" mode="date" label="Even Days" v-model="date" :date-options="dateOptionsA"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker target="self" mode="date" label="Date Range" v-model="date" :date-options="dateOptionsB"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker target="self" mode="time" label="Even Hours" v-model="time" :time-options="timeOptionsA"></q-datetime-picker> <q-datetime-picker target="self" mode="time" label="Non Human Friendly" v-model="time" :time-options="timeOptionsB"></q-datetime-picker> export default { data () { return { dateOptionsA (date) { const parts = date.split('/') return parts[2] % 2 === 0 }, timeOptionsA (hr) { return hr % 2 === 0 } } }, methods: { dateOptionsB (date) { return date >= '2019/02/03' && date <= '2019/02/15' }, timeOptionsB (hr, min, sec) { if (hr < 6 || hr > 15 || hr % 2 !== 0) { return false } if (min !== null && (min <= 25 || min >= 58)) { return false } if (sec !== null && sec % 10 !== 0) { return false } return true } } }

Language Files

We need help translating the language files. Below are listed the available ones. If you know another language, please PR and help us out.

Completed languages

  • German
  • English
  • French
  • Italian
  • Portuguese
  • Spanish (Latin America)

change default icons at Runtime

default icons are reactive, so all components will update properly if you change the $qdtp.icons object.

example 01: in a boot

import { boot } from 'quasar/wrappers' export default boot(function ({ app }) { app.qdtp.icons.date = 'mdi-calendar' app.qdtp.icons.time = 'mdi-clock-outline' })

example 02: in a component

export default { mounted () { this.$qdtp.icons.date = 'mdi-calendar' this.$qdtp.icons.time = 'mdi-clock-outline' } }

example 03: in a vuex module

export default { actions: { updateIcons () { this.$qdtp.icons.date = 'mdi-calendar' this.$qdtp.icons.time = 'mdi-clock-outline' } } }

example 04: everywhere else

import { icons } from 'quasar-app-extension-qdatetimepicker/src/component' icons.date = 'mdi-calendar' icons.time = 'mdi-clock-outline'

SSR note

To avoid hydratations erros, you'll need to ensure any change made at the server side will be reflected at the client side. That will not be a problem if you update the defaults at the both sides (server and client). But if you doing that in the preFetch, so you'll need to create a boot who will serialize the defaults at the server-side and another one who will deserialize at the client-side.

But don't worry, that isn't as bad as seems, this extension already does the most of the work, all what you need to do is add {{{qdtpScript}}} after div#q-app in the index.template.html


<html> <head> <!-- DO NOT need to do any change to the head content --> </head> <body> <!-- DO NOT touch the following DIV --> <div id="q-app"></div> {{{qdtpScript}}} </body> </html>

QDatetimePicker Vue Properties

Vue PropertyTypeDescription
labelStringA text label that will float up above the input field, once the field gets focus
stack-labelBooleanLabel will be always shown above the field regardless of field content (if any)
hintStringHelper (hint) text which gets placed below your wrapped form component
hide-hintBooleanHide the helper (hint) text when field is not focused
colorStringColor name from Quasar Color Palette; Overrides default dynamic color
bg-colorStringColor name from Quasar Color Palette; Overrides default dynamic color
darkBooleanNotify the component that the background is a dark color
loadingBooleanSignals to the user that a process is in progress by displaying a spinner; Spinner can be customized by using the loadingslot.
clearableBooleanAppends clearable icon when a value (not undefined or null) is set; When clicked, model becomes null
clear-iconBooleanCustom icon to use for the clear button when using along with clearable prop
filledBooleanUse filled design for the field
outlinedBooleanUse outlined design for the field
borderlessBooleanUse borderless design for the field
standoutBooleanUse standout design for the field
bottom-slotsBooleanEnables bottom slots (error, hint, counter)
counterBooleanShow an automatic counter on the bottom right
roundedBooleanApplies a small standard border-radius for a squared shape of the component
squareBooleanRemove border-radius so borders are squared; Overrides rounded prop
denseBooleanDense mode; occupies less space
items-alignedBooleanAlign content to match QItem
disableBooleanPut component in disabled mode
readonlyBooleanPut component in readonly mode
langBooleanLanguage identifier (default: $q.lang.isoName)
modeStringDisplay Mode (date, time, datetime) (default: date)
format24hBooleanShow the timepicker in 24 hour format. The masked value will not be affected.
display-valueBoolean or StringIf the value is true or a string, the internal QInput will be readonly. If the value is true the calendar and numeric system used to format the date will not be forced to be the gregorian calendar and latin numbers. If value is a string, the format function will be ignored and the display-value will be used directly in the input (default: false)
iconStringThe icon of the picker (default: access_time when the mode is time, otherwise event) (obs: date-icon and/or time-icon props has a high priority)
date-iconStringThe icon of the picker when the mode is equals to date or datetime (default: event)
time-iconStringThe icon of the picker when the mode is equals to time (default: access_time)
landscapeBooleanShow the picker in landscape mode (default: false)
today-btnBooleanDisplay a button that selects the current day (date and datetime modes only) (default: false)
now-btnBooleanDisplay a button that selects the current time (time and datetime modes only) (default: false)
coverBooleanAllows the picker to cover its target. When used, the fit props are no longer effective (default: true)
fitBooleanAllows the picker to match at least the full width of its target (default: true when target is self, otherwise false)
anchorStringTwo values setting the starting position or anchor point of the menu relative to its target (top left, top middle, top right, center left, center middle, center right, bottom left, bottom middle or bottom right)
targetStringTarget Mode (self: the picker will be opened when the input is clicked, icon: the picker will be opened when the icon is clicked) (default: icon)
calendarStringCalendar Mode (gregorian, persian) (default: gregorian)
date-optionsFunction or ArrayA list of events to highlight on the calendar; If using a function, it receives the date as a String and must return a Boolean (matches or not)
time-optionsFunctionOptionally configure what time the user allowed to set
with-secondsBooleanAllow the time to be set with seconds
disable-popupBooleanRemoves the Picker(a.k.a popup) of the DatetimePicker, turning the component in a DatetimeInput. Ideal if you wanna the user to type the date and/or time.
default-standardStringserialization standard, the property will be ignored if value isn't null (iso, quasar) (eg.: iso: yyyy-MM-ddTHH:mm, quasar: yyyy/MM/dd HH:mm) (default: iso)
auto-update-valueBooleanWhen the last action in selection mode is completed, the value is updated automatically


If you like (and use) this App Extension, please consider becoming a Quasar GitHub Supporter.




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