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Lightweight, flexible and readable labels in React using a subset of markdown


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Parses some markdown, builds a tree of segments and renders them in React.

It was designed for adding basic support for styling and links to singleline strings.

See Rationale for more info.

Quick start


npm i react-marksome

Import and render the Marksome component:

import { Marksome } from 'react-marksome'; function Demo() { const text = 'The *quick* *brown* **fox** jumps over the *lazy* **dog**. [Wikipedia][1]'; const references: References = { '1': 'https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_quick_brown_fox_jumps_over_the_lazy_dog', }; return <Marksome text={text} references={references} />; }

renders the following line:

The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog. Wikipedia

For more examples, see the stories together with related fixtures.


Marksome component

React component that parses and renders a subset of markdown.

It expects the markdown text to be provided via a text prop, which then is combined with reference links ([label][reference]) defined under the references prop.

type MarksomeProps = HTMLAttributes<HTMLSpanElement> & { text: string; references?: References; }; type References = Record<string, string | ReferenceRenderFunction>; type ReferenceRenderFunction = (children: ReactNode) => ReactElement;
Basic usage

See Quick start.

Custom components

One can actually render custom components in the place of reference links by providing a render function instead of link url:

function CustomComponentsDemo() { const text = 'The following is an actual button: [*Howdie*][greeting-button]'; const references: References = { 'greeting-button': (children) => ( <button onClick={() => { alert('Hello!'); }} > {children} </button> ), }; return <Marksome text={text} references={references} />; }

Supported Markdown

The current subset of markdown that is supported is:

Emphasis and strong emphasis

Emphasis (*Emphasis*) and strong emphasis (**strong emphasis**) parcing respects the related commonmark spec section.

Influenced by the related commonmark spec section, link references can be defined in a couple of ways:

There are certain quirks in marksome that are non-spec:

  1. it matches reference links regardless if the corresponding reference labels are defined as keys in the references prop or not
  2. reference labels are kept as is when looking for the corresponding key in references prop (ex: case-sensitive, no space-trimming, etc)
  3. nested squared brackets don't follow the same rules (ex: marksome supports unbalanced brackets)

If reference links are not being matched as you desire, disable unintended matches by escaping the related opening (\[) or closing (\]) brackets.


By restricting ourselves to support only some markdown we're able to:

  • build a light package (bundlephobia)
  • that provides a flexible, readable and condensed format for singleline pieces of text

Additionally, we build out a tree of segments instead of simply using string replacement mostly for extensibility and configuratility, like being able to render segments with custom React components.

All of the above means that users don't need to worry about escaping the text since:

  • it relies on regular React components instead of injecting HTML via dangerouslySetInnerHTML
  • the only way to inject a link is via a separate references object.

Supported browsers

The following browserslist is supported without the need of any polyfills:

>0.25% or last 2 major versions and supports es6-module

caniuse-lite db date: 2nd Jan 2022

  • and_chr 97
  • and_ff 95
  • and_qq 10.4
  • android 97
  • chrome 97
  • chrome 96
  • chrome 95
  • chrome 94
  • chrome 93
  • chrome 92
  • edge 97
  • edge 96
  • firefox 96
  • firefox 95
  • firefox 94
  • ios_saf 15.2-15.3
  • ios_saf 15.0-15.1
  • ios_saf 14.5-14.8
  • ios_saf 14.0-14.4
  • ios_saf 13.4-13.7
  • ios_saf 12.2-12.5
  • op_mob 64
  • opera 82
  • opera 81
  • safari 15.2-15.3
  • safari 15.1
  • safari 15
  • safari 14.1
  • safari 14
  • safari 13.1
  • samsung 16.0
  • samsung 15.0


This project was bootstrapped with TSDX. Check its docs for more info on the commands.


npm run storybook

This loads the stories from ./stories.


Jest tests are set up to run with npm test.

Bundle analysis

Calculates the real cost of your library using size-limit with npm run size and visualize it with npm run analyze.


  • devuo for providing some ideas and inspiration!


Last updated on 25 Feb 2022

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