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A lightweight walkthrough library for React Native utilizing React's Context API


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React Native Walkthrough npm npm


NOTE: This library is currently under development, and should primarly be considered as being in a beta stage.

React Native Walkthrough is an app-wide walkthrough library, with a minimal footprint.


yarn add react-native-walkthrough


Basic Usage

React Native Walkthrough exports the following:


First, you will need to wrap your entire app in the WalkthroughProvider component (no props or additional config required)

import { WalkthroughProvider } from 'react-native-walkthrough'; render() { return ( <WalkthroughProvider> <YourAppHere /> </WalkthroughProvider> ) }


When you wish to highlight something as a part of a Walkthrough, you simply wrap the component in a WalkthroughElement and give it a unique id.

import { WalkthroughElement } from 'react-native-walkthrough'; <WalkthroughElement id="profile-button"> // just add this! <TouchableOpacity style={styles.profileButton} onPress={() => navigate('Profile', {name: 'Jane'})} > <Text>{"Go to Jane's profile"}</Text> </TouchableOpacity> </WalkthroughElement>

This library utilizes react-native-walkthrough-tooltip to render the content bubbles that point to a WalkthroughElement. You can edit the content of the tooltip in the walkthrough guide, or by providing the optional content prop directly on the WalkthroughElement component.


Function that accepts a walkthrough guide array and begins the walkthrough by setting the current element as the first element from the walkthrough guide array. Learn about walkthrough guides here

import { startWalkthrough } from 'react-native-walkthrough'; import profileWalkthrough from '../guides/profileWalkthrough'; <TouchableOpacity onPress={() => startWalkthrough(profileWalkthrough)} > <Text>{"Show me how to view a profile"}</Text> </TouchableOpacity>


Function that accepts a string event name. Walkthrough events are used to wait-then-show the next element in a walkthrough. Add a triggerEvent to the walkthrough element in a guide, then be sure to dispatch the walkthrough event when it occurs to trigger the tooltip to be displayed.

import { NavigationEvents } from 'react-navigation'; import { dispatchWalkthroughEvent } from 'react-native-walkthrough'; render ( <React.Fragment> <NavigationEvents onDidFocus={() => dispatchWalkthroughEvent('profile-focus')} /> ... </React.Fragment> )


Function that accepts a string element id. Finds the first element in the current walkthrough with a matching id and sets that element as the current element.

import { goToWalkthroughElementWithId } from 'react-native-walkthrough'; <TouchableOpacity onPress={() => goToWalkthroughElementWithId('step-3')} > <Text>{"Skip to next step"}</Text> </TouchableOpacity>

Creating a Walkthrough Guide

A walkthrough guide is simply an array of objects, where each object correlates to a WalkthroughElement. Each element object in the guide must have an id and content to display in the tooltip bubble.

Example guide

import React from 'react'; import {View, Text, StyleSheet} from 'react-native'; const styles = StyleSheet.create({ tooltipView: { paddingHorizontal: 24, paddingVertical: 8, }, tooltipText: { color: 'black', fontSize: 18, }, }); const makeTooltipContent = text => ( <View style={styles.tooltipView}> <Text style={styles.tooltipText}>{text}</Text> </View> ); export default [ { id: 'profile-button', content: makeTooltipContent('Tap here to view a profile'), }, { id: 'profile-name', content: makeTooltipContent("Here is the user's name"), placement: 'bottom', triggerEvent: 'profile-focus', }, ];

Guide values

contentfunction/ElementYESThis is the view displayed in the tooltip popover bubble
idstringYESid string that matches the corresponding WalkthroughElement
placementstringNODetermines placement of tooltip in relation to the element it is wrapping
possibleOutcomesarrayNOAn array of objects with keys (event, action) that creates event listeners for multiple events to provide the ability to have an outcome tree that responds to a user's actions (listens to events dispatched via dispatchWalkthroughEvent
tooltipPropsobjectNOadditional props to customize the tooltip functionality and style
triggerEventstringNOstring event id, this element will not appear until the triggerEvent is dispatched via dispatchWalkthroughEvent

To learn more about placement options and all the options for tooltipProps view the react-native-walkthrough-tooltip README


What is react-native-walkthrough?

A lightweight walkthrough library for React Native utilizing React&#39;s Context API

Is react-native-walkthrough popular?

The npm package react-native-walkthrough receives a total of 453 weekly downloads. As such, react-native-walkthrough popularity was classified as not popular.

Is react-native-walkthrough well maintained?

We found that react-native-walkthrough demonstrated a not healthy version release cadence and project activity. It has 1 open source maintainer collaborating on the project.

Last updated on 27 Oct 2020


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