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Backport provider package apache-airflow-backport-providers-mysql for Apache Airflow




Package apache-airflow-backport-providers-mysql

Release: 2021.3.3

Table of contents

Backport package

This is a backport providers package for mysql provider. All classes for this provider package are in airflow.providers.mysql python package.

Only Python 3.6+ is supported for this backport package.

While Airflow 1.10.* continues to support Python 2.7+ - you need to upgrade python to 3.6+ if you want to use this backport package.

Release 2021.3.3

Bug fixes

  • MySQL hook respects conn_name_attr (#14240)

Mysql client requirements

The version of MySQL server has to be 5.6.4+. The exact version upper bound depends on the version of mysqlclient package. For example, mysqlclient 1.3.12 can only be used with MySQL server 5.6.4 through 5.7.


You can install this package on top of an existing airflow 1.10.* installation via pip install apache-airflow-backport-providers-mysql

PIP requirements

PIP packageVersion required
mysql-connector-python>=8.0.11, <=8.0.22

Cross provider package dependencies

Those are dependencies that might be needed in order to use all the features of the package. You need to install the specified backport providers package in order to use them.

You can install such cross-provider dependencies when installing from PyPI. For example:

pip install apache-airflow-backport-providers-mysql[amazon]
Dependent packageExtra

Provider classes summary

In Airflow 2.0, all operators, transfers, hooks, sensors, secrets for the mysql provider are in the airflow.providers.mysql package. You can read more about the naming conventions used in Naming conventions for provider packages


Moved operators

Airflow 2.0 operators: airflow.providers.mysql packageAirflow 1.10.* previous location (usually airflow.contrib)

Transfer operators

New transfer operators

New Airflow 2.0 transfers: airflow.providers.mysql package

Moved transfer operators

Airflow 2.0 transfers: airflow.providers.mysql packageAirflow 1.10.* previous location (usually airflow.contrib)


Moved hooks

Airflow 2.0 hooks: airflow.providers.mysql packageAirflow 1.10.* previous location (usually airflow.contrib)


Release 2021.3.3

cdc20904a2021-02-17MySQL hook respects conn_name_attr (#14240)
10343ec292021-02-05Corrections in docs and tools after releasing provider RCs (#14082)

Release 2021.2.5

88bdcfa0d2021-02-04Prepare to release a new wave of providers. (#14013)
ac2f72c982021-02-01Implement provider versioning tools (#13767)
a9ac2b0402021-01-23Switch to f-strings using flynt. (#13732)
3fd5ef3552021-01-21Add missing logos for integrations (#13717)
295d66f912020-12-30Fix Grammar in PIP warning (#13380)
0d214575a2020-12-28Refactored to better reflect changes in providers (#13314)
6cf76d7ac2020-12-18Fix typo in pip upgrade command :( (#13148)
6bf9acb902020-12-14Fix import from core to mysql provider in mysql example DAG (#13060)
32971a1a22020-12-09Updates providers versions to 1.0.0 (#12955)
b40dffa082020-12-08Rename remaing modules to match AIP-21 (#12917)
9b39f24782020-12-08Add support for dynamic connection form fields per provider (#12558)
bd90136aa2020-11-30Move operator guides to provider documentation packages (#12681)
2037303ee2020-11-29Adds support for Connection/Hook discovery from providers (#12466)
c34ef853c2020-11-20Separate out documentation building per provider (#12444)
0080354502020-11-18Update provider READMEs for 1.0.0b2 batch release (#12449)
ae7cb4a1e2020-11-17Update wrong commit hash in backport provider changes (#12390)
6889a333c2020-11-15Improvements for operators and hooks ref docs (#12366)
7825e8f592020-11-13Docs installation improvements (#12304)
85a18e13d2020-11-09Point at pypi project pages for cross-dependency of provider packages (#12212)
59eb5de782020-11-09Update provider READMEs for up-coming 1.0.0beta1 releases (#12206)
b2a28d1592020-11-09Moves provider packages scripts to dev (#12082)
75f2296012020-11-04Adding MySql howto-documentation and example DAG (#12077)
41bf172c12020-11-04Simplify string expressions (#12093)
4e8f9cc8d2020-11-03Enable Black - Python Auto Formmatter (#9550)
8c42cf1b02020-11-03Use PyUpgrade to use Python 3.6 features (#11447)
5a439e84e2020-10-26Prepare providers release 0.0.2a1 (#11855)

Release 2020.10.29

b680bbc0b2020-10-24Generated backport providers readmes/setup for 2020.10.29
349b0811c2020-10-20Add D200 pydocstyle check (#11688)
16e7129712020-10-13Added support for provider packages for Airflow 2.0 (#11487)
0a0e1af802020-10-03Fix Broken Markdown links in Providers README TOC (#11249)

Release 2020.10.5

ca4238eb42020-10-02Fixed month in backport packages to October (#11242)
5220e4c382020-10-02Prepare Backport release 2020.09.07 (#11238)
f3e87c5032020-09-22Add D202 pydocstyle check (#11032)
fdd9b6f652020-08-25Enable Black on Providers Packages (#10543)
d1bce91bb2020-08-25PyDocStyle: Enable D403: Capitalized first word of docstring (#10530)
3696c34c22020-08-24Fix typo in the word "release" (#10528)
ee7ca128a2020-08-22Fix broken Markdown refernces in Providers README (#10483)
01f37967c2020-08-18Add typing coverage to mysql providers package (#10095)
cdec301252020-08-07Add correct signature to all operators and sensors (#10205)
24c8e4c2d2020-08-06Changes to all the constructors to remove the args argument (#10163)
aeea712742020-08-02Remove args parameter from provider operator constructors (#10097)
d0e7db4022020-06-19Fixed release number for fresh release (#9408)

Release 2020.6.24

12af6a0802020-06-19Final cleanup for 2020.6.23rc1 release preparation (#9404)
c7e5bce572020-06-19Prepare backport release candidate for 2020.6.23rc1 (#9370)
f6bd817a32020-06-16Introduce 'transfers' packages (#9320)
0b0e4f7a42020-05-26Preparing for RC3 release of backports (#9026)
00642a46d2020-05-26Fixed name of 20 remaining wrongly named operators. (#8994)
1d36b03032020-05-23Fix references in docs (#8984)
375d1ca222020-05-19Release candidate 2 for backport packages 2020.05.20 (#8898)
12c5e5d8a2020-05-17Prepare release candidate for backport packages (#8891)
f3521fb0e2020-05-16Regenerate readme files for backport package release (#8886)
92585ca4c2020-05-15Added automated release notes generation for backport operators (#8807)
68d1714f22020-04-04[AIRFLOW-6822] AWS hooks should cache boto3 client (#7541)
329e6a5f72020-04-01[AIRFLOW-5907] Add S3 to MySql Operator (#6578)
4bde99f132020-03-23Make airflow/providers pylint compatible (#7802)
b39468d282020-03-09[AIRFLOW-5922] Add option to specify the mysql client library used in MySqlHook (#6576)
9cbd7de6d2020-02-18[AIRFLOW-6792] Remove _operator/_hook/_sensor in providers package and add tests (#7412)
94fccca972020-02-04[AIRFLOW-XXXX] Add pre-commit check for utf-8 file encoding (#7347)
97a429f9d2020-02-02[AIRFLOW-6714] Remove magic comments about UTF-8 (#7338)
1e576f1232020-02-02[AIRFLOW-6680] Last changes for AIP-21 (#7301)
057f3ae3a2020-01-29[AIRFLOW-6670][depends on AIRFLOW-6669] Move contrib operators to providers package (#7286)
82c0e5aff2020-01-28[AIRFLOW-6655] Move AWS classes to providers (#7271)
eee34ee802020-01-24[AIRFLOW-4204] Update super() calls (#7248)
059eda05f2020-01-21[AIRFLOW-6610] Move software classes to providers package (#7231)


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