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Multi Platform Cloud Clipboard - Desktop Client



Clipster - Desktop Client

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Clipster is a multi platform cloud clipboard:
Copy a text on your smartphone and paste it on your desktop, or vice versa.
Easy, secure, open source.
Supports Android, Linux, MacOS, Windows and all browsers.

You can use the web front-end of the public server at
For the Android client see Clipster-Android.
To run your own server check Clipster-Server.



Install via pip:

pip install clipster-desktop

Then, clipster will be available as a terminal command. To enable auto-start, execute the following setup script:

This will add a Clipster service to systemd. (To disable auto-start, run

Alternatively, install the latest version from GitHub. Copy and paste the following in the console to clone the git repo and start the script:

git clone && cd Clipster-Desktop && sh scripts/

The install script takes care of everything.


Download clipster.exe from the latest Windows release and start it. To automatically start Clipster, open the current user's auto-start folder by opening Explorer and typing shell:startup. Copy clipster.exe there.


Download from the latest MacOS release, move it to Applications and start it. You might get a warning message, that you need to ignore. Newer MacOS versions might even prevent you from opening it entirely at first. You have two options:

  1. Open it in the Finder via right click --> open
  2. After failing to open it, go to System Preferences --> Security & Privacy. In the General Tab the App will be listed and you can start it from there

To automatically start Clipster, right click on the icon in your Dock and click on Options --> Open at Login.

Now, you can use clipster!


On the first startup, you can either register a new account or enter your existing credentials for the login. Your credentials will be stored in your HOMEPATH in ./config/clipster/config.
Clipster will add an Icon to your system tray which you can click for opening up a menu with the following options:
Get last Clip will fetch the last shared Clip from the server.
Get all Clips will fetch all shared Clips from the server.
Share Clip will share your current clipboard. Then, it's available for all your devices.
Edit Credentials allows you to register a new account or change your login credentials.
Exit will terminate the app.


  • Encrypt / Decrypt clipboard locally and only transmit encrypted data to server
  • Add clipboard history: share multiple Clips
  • Add PyPi package
  • Support image sharing
  • iOS Client


Contributions are very welcome. If you come across a bug, please open an issue. The same thing goes for feature requests.


Client based on cloud-clipboard.
Install script based on Docker.



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