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Windows Negotiate Authentication Client and Server




Python SPNEGO Library

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Library to handle SPNEGO (Negotiate, NTLM, Kerberos) and CredSSP authentication. Also includes a packet parser that can be used to decode raw NTLM/SPNEGO/Kerberos tokens into a human readable format.


See How to Install for more details

Optional Requirements

The following Python libraries can be installed to add extra features that do not come with the base package:

  • python-gssapi and pykrb5 for Kerberos authentication on Linux
  • ruamel.yaml for YAML output support on pyspnego-parse

How to Install

To install pyspnego with all basic features, run

pip install pyspnego

Kerberos Authentication

While pyspnego supports Kerberos authentication on Linux, it isn't included by default due to its reliance on system packages to be present.

To install these packages, run the below

# Debian/Ubuntu
apt-get install gcc python3-dev libkrb5-dev

# Centos/RHEL
yum install gcc python-devel krb5-devel

# Fedora
dnf install gcc python-devel krb5-devel

# Arch Linux
pacman -S gcc krb5

Once installed you can install the Python packages with

pip install pyspnego[kerberos]

Kerberos also needs to be configured to talk to the domain but that is outside the scope of this page.

How to Use

See the examples section for examples on how to use the authentication side of the library.

Note: While server/acceptor authentication is available for all protocols it is highly recommended you have the system GSSAPI and NTLM system libraries present for acceptor authentication. Pyspnego NTLM acceptor authentication should work but it is not as thoroughly tested as the GSSAPI implementation.

CredSSP Authentication

Since version 0.2.0, pyspnego can be used for CredSSP authentication. While this isn't part of the SPNEGO/Negotiate protocol it uses common features and code like ASN.1 structures and even Negotiate auth as part of the CredSSP process. Both initiate and accept usages are supported when specifying protocol='credssp' but there are no guarantees the acceptor is free of any bugs so use with caution.


  • Add support for anonymous authentication
  • See if pywinrm wants to use this



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