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Package b3ed25519 implements EdDSA over blake3 & curve25519. All messages are prehashed with blake3, to prevent needing to read the message stream twice; an existing blake3 message hash can be provided for signing or verification. This package also implements ECDH over edwards curve25519. You shouldn't use this. Instead, use ed25519 for signatures and x25519 for DH. If you have a burning desire to use the same key for signing and key exchange, see for converting an ed25519 public key to a x25519 public key. The private keys will be the same, though note the ed25519 private key as defined by the RFC is not used directly; it is first hashed with sha512, and then the first 32 bytes of that are clamped to produce the final key. See for more info.

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Package last updated on 10 Jan 2022

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