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small utils for managing Time, supported by Dayjs. It is intended to be used in tests.


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TypeDoc generated docs in here

Github repo here

small utils for managing Time. It is intended to be used in tests.


yarn add @plandek-utils/time-utils or npm install @plandek-utils/time-utils.


it requires timekeeper

V2 Drops dayjs support

In v1.x dayjs objects were supported. This ended up being problematic because of issues with dayjs versions. It also added a dependency that is not strictly needed. That's why from v2.x on dayjs is no longer supported and it is removed as a dependency.


we get 2 functions:

  • freezeTime(time, fn): freezes time to the given one, executes the given function, and resets the time before returning the result of that execution.
  • freezeTimeAwait(time, asyncFn): same as freezeTime() but expects an async function, and it waits for its return before resetting the time
// assume now is "2019-03-21T12:21:13.000Z" function renderTime() { const d = new Date() console.log(d.toISOString()) } renderTime() // => logs "2019-03-21T12:21:13.000Z" const time = new Date("2018-01-02T13:14:15.123Z") const res = freezeTime(time, () => { renderTime(); return 'blah' }) // => logs "2018-01-02T13:14:15.123Z" console.log(res) // => logs 'blah' (freezeTime() returns the result of the passed function) renderTime() // => logs "2019-03-21T12:21:13.010Z" (time is unfrozen, let's say that a 10ms have passed)

Development, Commits, versioning and publishing

See documentation for development

See The Typescript-Starter docs.

Commits and CHANGELOG

For commits, you should use commitizen

yarn global add commitizen #commit your changes: git cz

As typescript-starter docs state:

This project is tooled for conventional changelog to make managing releases easier. See the standard-version documentation for more information on the workflow, or CHANGELOG.md for an example.

# bump package.json version, update CHANGELOG.md, git tag the release yarn run version

You may find a tool like wip helpful for managing work in progress before you're ready to create a meaningful commit.

Creating the first version

Once you are ready to create the first version, run the following (note that reset is destructive and will remove all files not in the git repo from the directory).

# Reset the repo to the latest commit and build everything yarn run reset && yarn run test && yarn run doc:html # Then version it with standard-version options. e.g.: # don't bump package.json version yarn run version -- --first-release # Other popular options include: # PGP sign it: # $ yarn run version -- --sign # alpha release: # $ yarn run version -- --prerelease alpha

And after that, remember to publish the docs.

And finally push the new tags to github and publish the package to npm.

# Push to git git push --follow-tags origin master # Publish to NPM (allowing public access, required if the package name is namespaced like `@somewhere/some-lib`) yarn publish --access public

Publish the Docs

yarn run doc:html && yarn run doc:publish

This will generate the docs and publish them in github pages.

Generate a version

There is a single yarn command for preparing a new release. See One-step publish preparation script in TypeScript-Starter

# Prepare a standard release yarn prepare-release # Push to git git push --follow-tags origin master # Publish to NPM (allowing public access, required if the package name is namespaced like `@somewhere/some-lib`) yarn publish --access public


Last updated on 05 Feb 2021

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