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Edm converter tools

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This module provides several model converters. The following converters are currently supported:

  • OData V2 EDM model (XML Format) to OData V4 EDM (JSON Format) (details Readme)
  • OData V4 EDM model (XML Format) to OData V4 EDM (JSON Format) (details Readme)

Each converter is contained in separate folder inside the lib folder. A detailed description of a converter is provided in the of each converter sub-folder, or you may check the API documentation in the index.js and other files. Please note that it is also possible to compile an HTML version of the API documentation with:

cd @sap/edm-converters
npm install  # this will install the development dependencies
npm run doc      # this will generate the documentation

(If the module is installed into the global node package folder, use npm root -g to find and navigate to it.)

Usage scenario

The model converters can be used to convert the OData EDMX V2 or EDMX V4 model of a remote service into the EDM V4 JSON format. This EDM V4 JSON format can then be used with the OData Consumption library in module @sap/odata-v4 to consume remote OData services.

The converters can be called via commandline or programmtically via an API


The @sap/edm-converters provide a commandline interface and a API for use with node.

Installation commandline interface

If you want to use the commandline interface we recommend to install the @sap/edm-converters with

npm install -g @sap/edm-converters

Installing it globally eases the usage of the converters from any folder. If you do so, then after installation the convert_edm symlink/script should be created. You can test this with calling convert_edm -v to show the converter version.

Installation for API usage

If you want to used the converters from your node application, then you can either install it locally or global. Just add:

const converters = require('@sap/edm-converters'):

The converter can then be accessed via:


Please check the API documentation in lib/<converter>/index.js for documentation about the parameters of the converter.

Console usage

All converters follow the following pattern

convert_edm <converter> <file to be converted> <further arguments>

Note: Currently absolute path as well as relative path to your model is supported.

Currently the converters edmxV20ToJsonV40 and edmxV40ToJsonV40 are supported. Common sample arguments are:

  • -i, --input <file to be converted> Input file to be converted
  • --inputdir <input directory> Containing the source files, if is relative
  • -o, --output <output file> Target file to be generated
  • --outputdir <output directory> Output directory, if target file is relative or more files are generated
  • -l, --loglevel Use 'e'/'i'(default)/'d' to show log information (e=error-log, i=info-log ,d=debug-log)
  • -t, --target Omit or set to 'cs02' to produce the Oasis CSDL 4.01-CS02 format; if the Oasis CSDL Json 4.01-CS01 format should be produced, set to 'cs01'. The CS01 format can be used as the EDM JSON to bootstrap the Okra library.
  • Converters may have additional options. Please see below on how to show documentation about this converters.

Get help

Get console help:

convert_edm --help

Get distinct converter help:

convert_edm edmxV40ToJsonV40 --help

Releases and Milestones



This package is provided under the terms of the SAP Developer License Agreement.



Package last updated on 01 Dec 2022

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