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6.0.0 (2024-04-02)

Bug Fixes

  • address edge case when getting DIDDoc component (#1365) (1694de1)
  • cli: remove revocable and send options from credential create command (#1345) (e1beeaf), closes #1342
  • cli: remove interactive prompting on CLI execute command (#1347) (5accc6b), closes #1281
  • credential-ld: let verifiers use all supported verification methods (#1331) (aa95af0), closes #1329
  • credential-w3c: forward DID resolution options to the resolver (#1344) (0c22cc6), closes #1343
  • data-store-json: order credentials with weird issuanceDate (#1273) (28c65f7)
  • data-store: return unique credentials for dataStoreORMGetVerifiableCredentialsByClaims (#1299) (5aa97a2), closes #1285
  • deps: add missing ethers dependency to each relevant modules (#1304) (2157e70), closes #1295
  • deps: bump ethr-did-resolver (#1278) (b6c54cd)
  • deps: update dependency @metamask/eth-sig-util to v7 (#1258) (ba88d6b)
  • deps: Update dependency did-jwt-vc to v3.2.9 (80272ca)
  • deps: update dependency ethr-did-resolver to v10 (#1291) (99c53e5), closes #1295
  • deps: Update dependency ethr-did-resolver to v10.1.5 (07c982f)
  • deps: Update dependency ethr-did-resolver to v9 (533a9e6)
  • deps: update dependency multiformats to v13 (c384fb9)
  • deps: Update devDeps (e674c58)
  • deps: Update did-vc-libraries (ba966d5)
  • deps: Update did-vc-libraries (01c01d5)
  • deps: Update did-vc-libraries (e2e794f)
  • deps: upgrade ethers and did-provider-ethr for sepolia support (#1306) (ac1b620)
  • did-provider-key: align did:key resolver to spec (#1332) (8e3b94c), closes #1330
  • export const plugin schemas instead of defaults (#1327) (7896cea), closes #1318 #1317 #1315
  • regenerate schema (#1260) (5b198ec)
  • selective-disclosure: deprecate the uPort SelectiveDisclosure plugin (#1307) (71e313f)
  • utils: bump did-jwt to 7.4.1 and reuse key conversion code from it (#1261) (fb192e7), closes #1248 #1245
  • utils: get chainId for any did method (#1334) (d5375bd)
  • utils: use synchronous version of sha256 digest for CID (#1253) (2e3972c), closes #1239


Code Refactoring


  • add Multikey support (#1316) (165de35)
  • cli: add support for did:jwk and did:peer to CLI (#1320) (3ac343e)
  • coordinate-mediation: implement did-comm coordinate-mediation v3.0 (#1282) (462735d)
  • core-types: add hash to TCredentialColumns (#1259) (306a398)
  • credential-w3c: list usable proof formats for an IIdentifier (#1268) (e94aaf2)
  • data-store: use IPFS CID instead of hex blake2 hashes for credential IDs (#1239) (acc47e6)
  • did-comm: Improve DIDComm Service compatibility (#1340) (6df704c)
  • did-comm: returnMessage from sendDIDCommMessage() when available (#1283) (f7a3851)
  • did-manager: matching DIDs by alias should not depend on the provider (#1218) (bfdfc4c), closes #1215
  • utils: export createJWK (#1325) (610ee66), closes #1324
  • utils: move JWK converter to utils package (#1298) (fc94764)


  • did-comm: the DIDComm Message structure has changed. The message can now specify multiple recipients in the to property.
  • utils: The getChainIdForDidEthr method has been renamed to getChainId
  • The plugin.schema.json files are now generated as plugin.schema.ts.
  • did-comm: the return type of IDIDComm.sendDIDCommMessage() has changed from a string representing the transport ID to an object that may include a returnMessage property along with a transportId property.
  • did-manager: The behavior of DIDManager has changed when working with alias. It is mostly ignoring provider unless it is used to create new identifiers. AbstractDIDStore APIs have been adapted and implementations have changed.
  • deps: now using ethers v6 as a dependency which may need extra attention when merging. The output of eth_signTransaction algorithms may be slightly different as transactions are by default infered as type 1 (EIP1559)
  • data-store: going forward credentials and presentations will have a new ID format in the database. If you are relying on the IDs assigned internally by @veramo/data-store to work with your credentials, you will have to recompute them using the @veramo/utils#computeEntryHash method.



Veramo JSON-LD credentials plugin

Veramo package for working with W3C JSON-LD Verifiable Credentials & Presentations.

This package contains a plugin and a message handler for issuing and verifying Credentials and Presentations that adhere to W3C standards.



Last updated on 02 Apr 2024

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