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published 19.2.0-alpha.993e64af •

published 19.1.0-alpha.eed82034 •

published 19.0.0 •



jest 19.0.0

  • Breaking Change: Added a version for snapshots.
  • Breaking Change: Removed the mocksPattern configuration option, it never worked correctly.
  • Breaking Change: Renamed testPathDirs to roots to avoid confusion when configuring Jest.
  • Breaking Change: Updated printing of React elements to cause fewer changes when props change.
  • Breaking Change: Updated snapshot format to properly escape data.
  • Fixed --color to be recognized correctly again.
  • Fixed babel-plugin-jest-hoist to work properly with type annotations in tests.
  • Fixed behavior for console.log calls and fixed a memory leak (#2539).
  • Fixed cache directory path for Jest to avoid ENAMETOOLONG errors.
  • Fixed change events to be emitted in jest-haste-map's watch mode. This fixes issues with Jest's new watch mode and react-native-packager.
  • Fixed cli arguments to be used when loading the config from file, they were previously ignored.
  • Fixed Jest to load json files that include a BOM.
  • Fixed Jest to throw errors instead of ignoring invalid cli options.
  • Fixed mocking behavior for virtual modules.
  • Fixed mocking behavior with transitive dependencies.
  • Fixed support for asymmetric matchers in toMatchObject.
  • Fixed test interruption and --bail behavior.
  • Fixed watch mode to clean up worker processes when a test run gets interrupted.
  • Fixed whitespace to be highlighted in snapshots and assertion errors.
  • Improved babel-jest plugin: babel is loaded lazily, istanbul comments are only added when coverage is used.
  • Improved error for invalid transform config.
  • Improved moduleNameMapper to not overwrite mocks when many patterns map to the same file.
  • Improved printing of skipped tests in verbose mode.
  • Improved resolution code in jest-resolve.
  • Improved to only show patch marks in assertion errors when the comparison results in large objects.
  • New --collectCoverageFrom cli argument.
  • New --coverageDirectory cli argument.
  • New expect.addSnapshotSerializer to add custom snapshot serializers for tests.
  • New jest.spyOn.
  • New testMatch configuration option that accepts glob patterns.
  • New eslint-plugin-jest with no-disabled-tests, no-focuses-tests and no-identical-title rules and default configuration and globals.
  • New expect.stringContaining asymmetric matcher.
  • New feature to make manual mocks with nested folders work. For example __mocks__/react-native/Library/Text.js will now work as expected.
  • New feature to re-run tests through the notification when using --notify.
  • New jest-phabricator package to integrate Jest code coverage in phabriactor.
  • New jest-validate package to improve configuration errors, help with suggestions of correct configuration and to be adopted in other libraries.
  • New pretty-printing for asymmetric matchers.
  • New RSS feed for Jest's blog.
  • New way to provide a reducer to extract haste module ids.
  • New website, new documentation, new color scheme and new homepage.
  • Rewritten watch mode for instant feedback, better code quality and to build new features on top of it (#2362).
published 18.5.0-alpha.7da3df39 •

published 18.0.0 •



jest 18.0.0


  • The testResultsProcessor function is now required to return the modified results.
  • Removed pit and mockImpl. Use it or mockImplementation instead.
  • Fixed re-running tests when --bail is used together with --watch.
  • pretty-format is now merged into Jest.
  • require('v8') now works properly in a test context.
  • Jest now clears the entire scrollback in watch mode.
  • Added expect.any, expect.anything, expect.objectContaining, expect.arrayContaining, expect.stringMatching.
  • Properly resolve snapshotSerializers, setupFiles, transform, testRunner and testResultsProcessor instead of using path.resolve.
  • --testResultsProcessor is now exposed through the cli.
  • Renamed --jsonOutputFile to --outputFile.
  • Added jest-editor-support for vscode and Nuclide integration.
  • Fixed test.concurrent unhandled promise rejections.
  • The Jest website is now auto-deployed when merging into main.
  • Updated testRegex to include test.js and spec.js files.
  • Fixes for babel-plugin-jest-hoist when using jest.mock with three arguments.
  • The JSON global in jest-environment-node now comes from the vm context instead of the parent context.
  • Jest does not print stack traces from babel any longer.
  • Fake timers are reset when FakeTimers.useTimers() is called.
  • Usage of Jest in watch mode can be hidden through JEST_HIDE_USAGE.
  • Added expect.assertions(number) which will ensure that a specified amount of assertions is made in one test.
  • Added .toMatchSnapshot(?string) feature to give snapshots a name.
  • Escape regex in snapshots.
  • jest-react-native was deprecated and now forwards react-native.
  • Added .toMatchObject matcher.
  • Further improve printing of large objects.
  • Fixed NaN% Failed in the OS notification when using --notify.
  • The first test run without cached timings will now use separate processes instead of running in band.
  • Added .toHaveProperty matcher.
  • Fixed Map/Set comparisons.
  • test.concurrent now works with --testNamePattern.
published 17.0.2 •



jest 17.0.2

  • Fixed performance regression in module resolution.
published 16.1.0-alpha.691b0e22 •

published 16.0.0 •



jest 16.0.0

  • Previously failed tests are now always run first.
  • A new concurrent reporter shows currently running tests, a test summary, a progress bar and estimated remaining time if possible.
  • Improved CLI colors.
  • jest <pattern> is now case-insensitive.
  • Added it.only, it.skip, test.only, test.skip and xtest.
  • Added --testNamePattern=pattern or -t <pattern> to run individual tests in test files.
  • Jest now warns for duplicate mock files.
  • Pressing a, o, p, q or enter while tests are running in the watch mode, the test run will be interrupted.
  • --bail now works together with --watch.
  • Added test.concurrent for concurrent async tests.
  • Jest now automatically considers files and tests with the .jsx extension.
  • Added jest.clearAllMocks to clear all mocks manually.
  • Rewrote Jest's snapshot implementation. jest-snapshot can now be more easily integrated into other test runners and used in other projects.
  • This requires most snapshots to be updated when upgrading Jest.
  • Objects and Arrays in snapshots are now printed with a trailing comma.
  • Function names are not printed in snapshots any longer to reduce issues with code coverage instrumentation and different Node versions.
  • Snapshots are now sorted using natural sort order.
  • Snapshots are not marked as obsolete any longer when using fit or when an error is thrown in a test.
  • Finished migration of Jasmine matchers to the new Jest matchers.
  • Pretty print toHaveBeenLastCalledWith, toHaveBeenCalledWith, lastCalledWith and toBeCalledWith failure messages.
  • Added toBeInstanceOf matcher.
  • Added toContainEqual matcher.
  • Added toThrowErrorMatchingSnapshot matcher.
  • Improved moduleNameMapper resolution.
  • Module registry fixes.
  • Fixed invocation of the setupTestFrameworkScriptFile script to make it easier to use chai together with Jest.
  • Removed react-native special case in Jest's configuration.
  • Added --findRelatedTests <fileA> <fileB> cli option to run tests related to the specified files.
  • Added jest.deepUnmock to babel-plugin-jest-hoist.
  • Added jest.runTimersToTime which is useful together with fake timers.
  • Improved automated mocks for ES modules compiled with babel.
published 15.2.0-alpha.c681f819 •

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