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A ONS API used to search information against datasets which are published.

In order to run the service locally you will need the following:
- [Go](
- [Git](
- [ElasticSearch](

### Note
The only breaking change from verion 5.x to 6.x of elasticsearch is highlighting will
not work correctly but the api will stil be able to send back responses.

### Getting started

* Clone the repo `go get`
* Run elasticsearch
* Run the application `make debug`

### Healthcheck

The endpoint `/healthcheck` checks the connection to elasticsearch and returns
one of:

- success (200, JSON "status": "OK")
- failure (500, JSON "status": "error").

### Manually Creating and Deleting Indexes

CREATE: `curl -X PUT <HOSTNAME>/search/instances/<instanceID>/dimensions/<dimensionName> -H <AUTH HEADER>`
DELETE: `curl -X DELETE <HOSTNAME>/search/instances/<instanceID>/dimensions/<dimensionName> -H <AUTH HEADER>`

The `<AUTH HEADER>` must be either a valid `X-FLorence-Token` or a valid `Authorization` header.

### Kafka scripts

Scripts for updating and debugging Kafka can be found [here](

### Configuration

| Environment variable         | Default                              | Description
| ---------------------------- | -------------------------------------| -----------
| BIND_ADDR                    | :23100                               | The host and port to bind to
| DATASET_API_URL              | http://localhost:22000               | The host name for the dataset API
| DATASET_API_AUTH_TOKEN       | FD0108EA-825D-411C-9B1D-41EF7727F465 | The auth token used for authentication to the dataset API
| ELASTIC_SEARCH_URL           | http://localhost:10200               | The host name for elasticsearch
| ENABLE_PRIVATE_ENDPOINTS     | false                                | Set true ("1","t","true") when private endpoints should be accessible
| GRACEFUL_SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT    | 5s                                   | The graceful shutdown timeout
| HEALTHCHECK_INTERVAL         | 30s                                  | The time between calling the health check endpoint for check subsystems
| HEALTHCHECK_CRITICAL_TIMEOUT | 90s                                  | The timeout that the health check allows for checked subsystems
| HIERARCHY_BUILT_TOPIC        | hierarchy-built                      | The kafka topic to write messages to
| KAFKA_ADDR                   | localhost:9092                       | The list of kafka hosts
| KAFKA_MAX_BYTES              | 2000000                              | The maximum permitted size of a message. Should be set equal to or smaller than the broker's `message.max.bytes`
| MAX_SEARCH_RESULTS_OFFSET    | 1000                                 | The maximum offset for the number of results returned by search query
| REQUEST_MAX_RETRIES          | 3                                    | The maximum number of attempts for a single http request due to external service failure
| SEARCH_API_URL               | http://localhost:23100               | The host name for this service, search API
| SERVICE_AUTH_TOKEN           | SD0108EA-825D-411C-45J3-41EF7727F123 | The token used to identify this service when authenticating

### Contributing

See [CONTRIBUTING]( for details.

### License

Copyright © 2016-2017, Office for National Statistics (

Released under MIT license, see [LICENSE]( for details


Last updated on 12 Oct 2020

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