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beats-processor-fingerprint plugin

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beats-processor-fingerprint is a processor plugin for Elastic Beats that "fingerprints" events by computing a hash of fields in the event. This can be useful as a checksum of the data or it can be useful for deduplication purposes if the hash is used as a primary key in your data store.

Installation and Usage

Build the plugin or download a release. Go plugins are only supported on Linux at the current time. They must be compiled with the same Go version as the Beat.

go build -buildmode=plugin

Start a Beat with the plugin.

filebeat -e --plugin ./

Add the processor to your configuration file.

- fingerprint:
    hash: sha256
    encoding: hex
    target: fingerprint
    fields: [source, timestamp]

Configuration Options

  • hash: The hashing algoritm to use. The supported algoritms are md5, sha1, sha224, sha256 (default), sha384, sha512, sha512_224, sha512_256, sha3_224, sha3_256, sha3_384, and sha3_512.
  • encoding: Encoding type to use on the hash value. The supported encoding types are hex (default), base32, and base64.
  • target: The name of the field to which the encoded hash value will be written. The default value is fingerprint.
  • fields: A list of field names whose values will be concatenated and hashed. Missing fields will be ignored. The default value is [message].

Example Output

  "@timestamp": "2017-10-07T03:09:50.201Z",
  "@metadata": {
    "beat": "filebeat",
    "type": "doc",
    "version": "7.0.0-alpha1"
  "source": "/home/andrew_kroh/go/src/",
  "offset": 68379,
  "message": "Oct  6 23:17:59 localhost systemd: Starting Session 6 of user andrew_kroh.",
  "beat": {
    "name": "",
    "hostname": "",
    "version": "7.0.0-alpha1"
  "fingerprint": "42c4f7ffd2c28adbba04abf6c3bf28b3de9a8afea2227fcba8ac73d595a4209e"


Last updated on 07 Oct 2017

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