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Package validate provides methods to validate a swagger specification, as well as tools to validate data against their schema. This package follows Swagger 2.0. specification (aka OpenAPI 2.0). Reference can be found here: Validates a spec document (from JSON or YAML) against the JSON schema for swagger, then checks a number of extra rules that can't be expressed in JSON schema. Entry points: Reported as errors: Reported as warnings: The schema validation toolkit validates data against JSON-schema-draft 04 schema. It is tested against the full json-schema-testing-suite (, except for the optional part (bignum, ECMA regexp, ...). It supports the complete JSON-schema vocabulary, including keywords not supported by Swagger (e.g. additionalItems, ...) Entry points: With the current version of this package, the following aspects of swagger are not yet supported:


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# Validation helpers [![Build Status](]("go+test") [![codecov](](

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This package provides helpers to validate Swagger 2.0. specification (aka OpenAPI 2.0). 

Reference can be found here:

## What's inside?

* A validator for Swagger specifications
* A validator for JSON schemas draft4
* Helper functions to validate individual values (used by code generated by [go-swagger](
  * Required, RequiredNumber, RequiredString
  * ReadOnly
  * UniqueItems, MaxItems, MinItems
  * Enum, EnumCase
  * Pattern, MinLength, MaxLength
  * Minimum, Maximum, MultipleOf
  * FormatOf


## FAQ

* Does this library support OpenAPI 3?

> No.
> This package currently only supports OpenAPI 2.0 (aka Swagger 2.0).
> There is no plan to make it evolve toward supporting OpenAPI 3.x.
> This [discussion thread]( relates the full story.
> An early attempt to support Swagger 3 may be found at:


Last updated on 27 Dec 2023

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