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## universal-translator
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Universal Translator is an i18n Translator for Go/Golang using CLDR data + pluralization rules

Why another i18n library?
Because none of the plural rules seem to be correct out there, including the previous implementation of this package,
so I took it upon myself to create [locales]( for everyone to use; this package 
is a thin wrapper around [locales]( in order to store and translate text for 
use in your applications.

- [x] Rules generated from the [CLDR]( data, v36.0.1
- [x] Contains Cardinal, Ordinal and Range Plural Rules
- [x] Contains Month, Weekday and Timezone translations built in
- [x] Contains Date & Time formatting functions
- [x] Contains Number, Currency, Accounting and Percent formatting functions
- [x] Supports the "Gregorian" calendar only ( my time isn't unlimited, had to draw the line somewhere )
- [x] Support loading translations from files
- [x] Exporting translations to file(s), mainly for getting them professionally translated
- [ ] Code Generation for translation files -> Go code.. i.e. after it has been professionally translated
- [ ] Tests for all languages, I need help with this, please see [here](


Use go get 

go get

Usage & Documentation

Please see for usage docs

##### Examples:

- [Basic](
- [Full - no files](
- [Full - with files](

File formatting
All types, Plain substitution, Cardinal, Ordinal and Range translations can all be contained within the same file(s);
they are only separated for easy viewing.

##### Examples:

- [Formats](

##### Basic Makeup
NOTE: not all fields are needed for all translation types, see [examples](
    "locale": "en",
    "key": "days-left",
    "trans": "You have {0} day left.",
    "type": "Cardinal",
    "rule": "One",
    "override": false
|locale|The locale for which the translation is for.|
|key|The translation key that will be used to store and lookup each translation; normally it is a string or integer.|
|trans|The actual translation text.|
|type|The type of translation Cardinal, Ordinal, Range or "" for a plain substitution(not required to be defined if plain used)|
|rule|The plural rule for which the translation is for eg. One, Two, Few, Many or Other.(not required to be defined if plain used)|
|override|If you wish to override an existing translation that has already been registered, set this to 'true'. 99% of the time there is no need to define it.|

Help With Tests
To anyone interesting in helping or contributing, I sure could use some help creating tests for each language.
Please see issue [here]( for details.

Distributed under MIT License, please see license file in code for more details.


Last updated on 30 Jan 2023

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