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Package collectdreceiver implements a receiver that can be used by the Opentelemetry collector to receive traces from CollectD http_write plugin in JSON format.

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CollectD write_http plugin JSON receiver

Stabilitybeta: metrics
Distributionscontrib, observiq, splunk, sumo
IssuesOpen issues Closed issues
Code Owners@atoulme

This receiver can receive data exported by the CollectD's write_http plugin. Only JSON format is supported. Authentication is not supported at this time.

This receiver was donated by SignalFx and ported from SignalFx's Gateway ( As a result, this receiver supports some additional features that are technically not compatible with stock CollectD's write_http plugin. That said, in practice such incompatibilities should never surface. For example, this receiver supports extracting labels from different fields. Given a field value field[a=b, k=v], this receiver will extract a and b as label keys and, k and v as the respective label values.


The configuration includes the Opentelemetry collector's server confighttp, which allows for a variety of settings. Only the most relevant ones will be discussed here, but all are available.

The following settings are required:

  • endpoint (default = localhost:8081): Endpoint exposed by this receiver to send data.

The following settings are optional:

  • attributes_prefix (no default): Used to add query parameters in key=value format to all metrics.
  • timeout (default = 30s): The request timeout for any docker daemon query.


    attributes_prefix: "dap_"
    endpoint: "localhost:12345"
    timeout: "50s"

The full list of settings exposed for this receiver are documented here with detailed sample configurations here.


Last updated on 08 Feb 2024

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