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Package suture provides Erlang-like supervisor trees. This implements Erlang-esque supervisor trees, as adapted for Go. This is an industrial-strength, tested library deployed into hostile environments, not just a proof of concept or a toy. Supervisor Tree -> SuTree -> suture -> holds your code together when it's trying to fall apart. Why use Suture? Suture has 100% test coverage, and is golint clean. This doesn't prove it free of bugs, but it shows I care. A blog post describing the design decisions is available at . To idiomatically use Suture, create a Supervisor which is your top level "application" supervisor. This will often occur in your program's "main" function. Create "Service"s, which implement the Service interface. .Add() them to your Supervisor. Supervisors are also services, so you can create a tree structure here, depending on the exact combination of restarts you want to create. As a special case, when adding Supervisors to Supervisors, the "sub" supervisor will have the "super" supervisor's Log function copied. This allows you to set one log function on the "top" supervisor, and have it propagate down to all the sub-supervisors. This also allows libraries or modules to provide Supervisors without having to commit their users to a particular logging method. Finally, as what is probably the last line of your main() function, call .Serve() on your top level supervisor. This will start all the services you've defined. See the Example for an example, using a simple service that serves out incrementing integers.


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Last updated on 16 Feb 2022

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Socket installs a GitHub app to automatically flag issues on every pull request and report the health of your dependencies. Find out what is inside your node modules and prevent malicious activity before you update the dependencies.


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