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Multiple loosely coupled modules which extend ZK framework, originally created by DataLite company. ZKComposer - controll the MVC design with annotations @ZkEvent?, @ZkComponent?, @ZkBinding?, ... (similar to zkspring or zkcdi projects, however without any framework dependencies). ZKDLComponents splits ZK data driven components (listbox, combobox) to MVC design, adds support for easy large data manipulation and contains many pre-built user controls (filter manager, sort manager, visible listbox columns manager, export to excel, etc.) HibernateDAO & ZKDLComponentsHibernateExtensions - Hibernate generic DAO design with extensions for ZKDLComponents to replace all your plumbing code (filter, sort, lazy loading, CRUD). SpringService? - service layer with spring - generic service which speaks to generic DAO. This is the way we use our components at DataLite?, but you can use any integration or DAO at your will.

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Last updated on 02 May 2017

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