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FriendlyCaptcha React Implementation

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  • Add function that allows to reset the current widget. This is useful if a form is submitted, but the server returns an error, so the user is forced to adjust their information. As this often doesn't reset the page, the widget isn't automatically resetted. When submitting the form again, this would cause an error.



Use Friendly Captcha hook


The library has functions for both frontend and backend. Both of them work independent of each other.


Include the useCaptchaHook() in your selected file. From there you can then query the widget and state from the hook, for you to manage and use in your form.

Please be aware that the friendly-challenge library is a necessary peer dependency since version 1.2.0

The hook expects the following properties:

siteKey: string;
endpoint?: FC_PUZZLE_EP; enum for the currently available endpoints (EU & global)
language?: keyof typeof localizations | Localization;
startMode?: "auto" | "focus" | "none";
showAttribution: boolean;

The hook provides the following parameters:
- `CaptchaWidget` returns the HTML authentification widget. - `captchaStatus.solution` is used to determine if the puzzle was already solved (`string`) or not (`null`) - `captchaStatus.error` is used to determine if an error occured while solving (`string`) or not (`null`)

CaptchaWidget custom props
When the CaptchaWidget gets rendered, you can add additional properties:

props: HTMLAttributes This includes all possible html attributes. Therefor this is the entry point to add the className attribute, to add custom styling to the outer captcha container. Here can you either directly add TailwindCSS classes or define a custom class for future styling in the .css file of the project.

customWidgetStyle allows up to three attributes for specific stylings that are directly applied to the components:

  • icon The icon of the widget
  • button The submit button of the widget
  • text All text elements that appear inside the widget
    These attributes are all optional and if used, they expect a css object like the following example:
CustomWidgetStyle = { icon: {color: "green", background: "yellow"}, text: {color: "blue"} }


backend wise this library provides a function that uses the FriendlyCaptcha verification API to check if the submitted puzzle solution is valid or not. It returns a boolean for further handling in your own code.

The function expects the following properties:

endpoint?: FC_VERIFICATION_EP; enum for the currently available endpoints (EU & global)
solution: string;
secret: string;
sitekey?: string;
httpPostFetcher: (see further down)


The backend expects a fetcher function as parameter. This function is provided by the user and is used to send a http post request to the fc verification server. It should match the following design:

function fetcherExample(
    endpoint: string,
    requestBody: { solution: string; secret: string; siteKey: string },
    headers: { 'Content-Type': 'application/json'; 'Accept': 'application/json'; }
) => Promise<{ success: boolean; errors: any; } | null>


We provided basic examples in the /examples folder, on how to use this library in React and Nextjs. Both examples are written in TypeScript and are kept simple to focus on easy readability and presenting the utility of the function from this library. If you want to run the examples on your machine, make sure to read the respective README files, to add all requirements that are needed.



Last updated on 20 Feb 2024

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