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AWS credential provider that sources credentials from ~/.aws/credentials and ~/.aws/config

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Package description

What is @aws-sdk/credential-provider-ini?

The @aws-sdk/credential-provider-ini package is a module that allows Node.js developers to load AWS credentials from INI-formatted files, such as the ones created by the AWS CLI. This package is part of the AWS SDK for JavaScript (v3) and is used to retrieve AWS credentials from local configuration files, enabling developers to authenticate AWS SDK calls.

What are @aws-sdk/credential-provider-ini's main functionalities?

Loading credentials from a shared INI file

This feature allows developers to load AWS credentials from a shared INI file, typically located at `~/.aws/credentials`. The `fromIni` function reads the file and returns the credentials for the default profile or a specified profile.

const { fromIni } = require('@aws-sdk/credential-provider-ini');
const credentials = fromIni();

Specifying a custom profile

Developers can specify a custom profile to load credentials for a specific AWS account or role. This is useful when working with multiple AWS accounts or when different permissions are needed.

const { fromIni } = require('@aws-sdk/credential-provider-ini');
const credentials = fromIni({ profile: 'myCustomProfile' });

Assuming a role with MFA

This feature supports assuming an IAM role that requires Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA). The `mfaCodeProvider` is a function that returns the MFA code, which is then used to assume the role.

const { fromIni } = require('@aws-sdk/credential-provider-ini');
const credentials = fromIni({
  profile: 'myRoleProfile',
  mfaCodeProvider: async () => '123456', // Replace with actual MFA code provider

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3.556.0 (2024-04-16)

Bug Fixes

  • codegen: add doc trait conditionally (#6002) (a61bf71)


  • client-bedrock-agent: For Create Agent API, the agentResourceRoleArn parameter is no longer required. (ed06b5a)
  • client-emr-serverless: This release adds support for shuffle optimized disks that allow larger disk sizes and higher IOPS to efficiently run shuffle heavy workloads. (b99376e)
  • client-entityresolution: Cross Account Resource Support . (639c711)
  • client-iot-wireless: Add PublicGateways in the GetWirelessStatistics call response, indicating the LoRaWAN public network accessed by the device. (a126088)
  • client-lakeformation: This release adds Lake Formation managed RAM support for the 4 APIs - "DescribeLakeFormationIdentityCenterConfiguration", "CreateLakeFormationIdentityCenterConfiguration", "DescribeLakeFormationIdentityCenterConfiguration", and "DeleteLakeFormationIdentityCenterConfiguration" (93b9ea7)
  • client-m2: Adding new ListBatchJobRestartPoints API and support for restart batch job. (0aa8336)
  • client-mediapackagev2: Dash v2 is a MediaPackage V2 feature to support egressing on DASH manifest format. (3b624ea)
  • client-outposts: This release adds new APIs to allow customers to configure their Outpost capacity at order-time. (6701646)
  • client-wellarchitected: AWS Well-Architected now has a Connector for Jira to allow customers to efficiently track workload risks and improvement efforts and create closed-loop mechanisms. (aa902b4)
  • clients: update client endpoints as of 2024-04-16 (154d301)




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An internal package


You probably shouldn't, at least directly. Please use @aws-sdk/credential-providers instead.



Last updated on 16 Apr 2024

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