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Types for the AWS SDK

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What is @aws-sdk/types?

The @aws-sdk/types package provides TypeScript definitions for the AWS SDK for JavaScript v3. These types define the shapes of AWS service clients, commands, input and output parameters, and other utility types that are used across the AWS SDK. This package is essential for TypeScript developers using the AWS SDK as it enables type checking and IntelliSense support in IDEs.

What are @aws-sdk/types's main functionalities?

Service Client Interface

Defines the configuration interface for an AWS service client, such as the S3 client. It extends from a base client configuration and includes service-specific options.

{"interface S3ClientConfig extends SmithyClientConfig {endpoint?: HttpEndpoint, forcePathStyle?: boolean, useAccelerateEndpoint?: boolean, ...}}

Command Interface

Represents a command interface that defines input and output types for a specific operation. It also includes methods for resolving middleware in the command's execution stack.

{"interface Command<InputType extends object, OutputType extends object, ResolvedClientConfiguration, ClientInput extends InputType = InputType, ClientOutput extends OutputType = OutputType> {resolveMiddleware(stack: MiddlewareStack<ServiceInputTypes, ServiceOutputTypes>, configuration: ResolvedClientConfiguration): Handler<ClientInput, ClientOutput>; ...}}

Middleware Stack

Defines the middleware stack interface used in the AWS SDK. Middleware are functions that can modify requests and responses or handle specific tasks like logging or error handling.

{"interface MiddlewareStack<Input extends object, Output extends object> {add(middleware: MiddlewareType<Input, Output>, options?: MiddlewareStackOptions): void; addRelativeTo(middleware: MiddlewareType<Input, Output>, options: RelativeMiddlewareOptions): void; ...}}

Other packages similar to @aws-sdk/types



3.347.0 (2023-06-06)


  • client-emr: This release provides customers the ability to specify an allocation strategies amongst PRICE_CAPACITY_OPTIMIZED, CAPACITY_OPTIMIZED, LOWEST_PRICE, DIVERSIFIED for Spot instances in Instance Feet cluster. This enables customers to choose an allocation strategy best suited for their workload. (ada81f8)
  • client-iam: This release updates the AccountAlias regex pattern with the same length restrictions enforced by the length constraint. (817667a)
  • client-inspector2: Adds new response properties and request parameters for 'last scanned at' on the ListCoverage operation. This feature allows you to search and view the date of which your resources were last scanned by Inspector. (b61d062)
  • client-iot-data-plane: Update thing shadow name regex to allow '$' character (d678417)
  • client-iot: Adding IoT Device Management Software Package Catalog APIs to register, store, and report system software packages, along with their versions and metadata in a centralized location. (7bf4fb1)
  • client-lex-models-v2: This release adds support for Lex Developers to create test sets and to execute those test-sets against their bots. (454008a)
  • client-quicksight: QuickSight support for pivot table field collapse state, radar chart range scale and multiple scope options in conditional formatting. (e89e93c)
  • client-signer: AWS Signer is launching Container Image Signing, a new feature that enables you to sign and verify container images. This feature enables you to validate that only container images you approve are used in your enterprise. (6647d54)
  • client-sqs: Amazon SQS adds three new APIs - StartMessageMoveTask, CancelMessageMoveTask, and ListMessageMoveTasks to automate redriving messages from dead-letter queues to source queues or a custom destination. (00f8d8a)
  • clients: update client endpoints as of 2023-06-06 (eefb716)
  • protocol-http: add reason to HttpResponse (#4772) (d29cb58)
  • protocol-http: add uri type and implementation (#4771) (5c7b40e)




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Last updated on 06 Jun 2023

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