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A brilliant solution for using Google Maps in Angular.

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A brilliant solution for using Google Maps in Angular.

✨ Getting Started | 🙌 Official Site & Live Demo | 🎁 What's in the library?

Pre-release. It is suggested not to use it for production yet.

This library brings Google Maps API to angular, providing a set of components, directives, services and other tools to facilitate the creation and workflow with Google Maps.

You may use the library as you like, with any app, under the MIT license.


npm install @bespunky/angular-google-maps

What's So Cool About It

Here are some of the benefits:

✔ Plug & Play 🔌

✔ No previous Google Maps knowledge needed 🤯

✔ Powerful & flexible tooling 💪

✔ Tree-shakable 🌳

✔ Angular Universal ready 🌎

✔ Extendable 🧩

✔ Testable 🧪

✔ Scalable ↗

✔ Magical automated native wrapping ✨

✔ Open-source! 🤩

More details in the official site.


There are a few Angular libraries out there for Google Maps. So why develop a new one?

Flexibility and quick response time

I'm working on a project where the map is the heart of the app. I can't afford an "oh shut... their library doesn't support this. Now what do I do??" moment. Fork it? Make a pull request? File an issue and hope for the best?...

Facilitating map functionality

Maybe they wanted to reduce package size, or maybe it was simply a lack of initiative, but having used Google Maps API in different contexts in the last few years, I've always found that it lacks some basic functionality. I would like my library to take care of stuff for me. No manual map related labour in the app itself.

Usage and code style

We all have preferences as developers. I want my library to work a certain way and provide me with a certain API. I've always had some nice ideas regarding how it should be used. It was time to implement.

The challenge

Of course 😁


The library was generated using Angular 7 and has been gradually updated and tested up to Angular 10. Compatibility with older versions is possible but not guaranteed.

Full change log

Issues & Requests

Issues, suggestions and pull requests are welcome. Please follow the contrubution guidelines.

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Package last updated on 24 Mar 2021

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