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PublisherInterface is a class object that allows you to interact with the CHILI Publisher editorObject via postMessage without the complexity of postMessage.


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Publisher Interface

The Publisher Interface was designed to make integrating into CHILI publish Online easy.

As a happy side effect, the setter for document.domain, which many integrations rely on, will become immutable at the beginning of January 2023. This means that the Publisher Interface will be the only supported way to communicate with Publisher via an <iframe>.

All the magic happens with PublisherInterface PublisherInterface is a class object that allows you to interact with the CHILI Editor editorObject via postMessage without the complexity of postMessage.

This project is officially supported by CHILI publish.


  • The Publisher JavaScript API has been stable for years, and there is no plans to add to it. So this project may not get many updates. That is a good thing, it means there is no bugs.
  • Originally this project was called Publisher Connector. The name was changed to avoid confusion with the future connectors plugin system. Please update your projects if you were using the old naming convention and library.


You can find complete documentation on the wiki


You can install PublisherInterface via npm

npm i @chili-publish/publisher-interface

or through yarn

yarn add @chili-publish/publisher-interface

You can also use it directly in the browser via unpkg.

import {PublisherInterface} from "https://unpkg.com/@chili-publish/publisher-interface@latest/dist/PublisherInterface.min.js";


The Publisher Interface has 1 dependency which is the Penpal library.

All other dependencies are only for the developer tools such as auto generating docs, testing, and packaging.

This means that their is very little security concerns, and the limitations are the same as those found in Penpal

Browser Support

Publisher Interface runs successfully on the most recent versions of Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Edge. Internet Explorer is not supported.

Getting Started

The easiest way to get started is to pull the package from unpkg.

import {PublisherInterface} from "https://unpkg.com/@chili-publish/publisher-interface@latest/dist/PublisherInterface.min.js";

If you downloaded via NPM you can import it with

import {PublisherInterface} from "@chili-publish/publisher-interface";

Then in your JavaScript code, get the iframe which is loading the Publisher editor, and pass that iframe element into the build() function of PublisherInterface.

const iframe = document.getElementById("editor-iframe"); const publisher = PublisherInterface.build(iframe).then( PublisherInterface => PublisherInterface.alert("Hi!") );

🚨 Important - make sure that you call build() before the iframe onload event is fired. In practice this means that you should never call build() when that event is fired.

Here is a complete example:

<body> <iframe id="editor-iframe" style="width:1200px; height:800px" src="https://example.chili-publish.online/example/editor_html.aspx?doc=3d178228-a9b9-49d0-90d9-c1c8f8b67f05&apiKey=Sczs1ruhiZcaFiqg0G07gMFMq07X+SG2o8KlW8oAeZGvqoB1a0YvkbeZU1wJK15aIhANgZmhg+13NQlxpBEq7Q=="></iframe> <script type="module"> import {PublisherInterface} from 'https://unpkg.com/@chili-publish/publisher-interface@latest/dist/PublisherInterface.min.js'; const iframe = document.getElementById("editor-iframe"); (async () => { const publisher = await PublisherInterface.build(iframe); const documentName = await publisher.getObject("document.name"); console.log(documentName); })(); </script> </body>

To read more, check out our documentation.


Last updated on 22 Nov 2022

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