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This library aims to provide an abstract class to simplify to wallet implementation for CIP-0045

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Cardano Peer Connect

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This library aims to provide simple interfaces to implement CIP-0045 for dApps and wallets. If you want to see cardano-peer-connect in action, please visit the cip-0045-demo-implementation repository.

Getting Started

npm i @fabianbormann/cardano-peer-connect

Infos for usage in the wallet

Extend the base CardanoPeerConnect class for your wallet:

class BoostPeerConnect extends CardanoPeerConnect {
  constructor(name: string, apiVersion: string, icon: string) {
      name: name,
      version: apiVersion,
      icon: icon,

    //further actions to let you wallet know about the new connection
    // ...

  // and implement all CIP-30 functions
  getRewardAddresses(): Promise<Cbor[]> {
    return new Promise((resolve, reject) => {
      //in here you determine the reward addresses for yur wallet used
      const rewardAddresses = [

      return resolve(rewardAddresses);


Then create an instance of that class in your code and add a callback to let your wallet know about the connection status.

import {
} from '@fabianbormann/cardano-peer-connect';
import { IConnectMessage } from '@fabianbormann/cardano-peer-connect/dist/src/types';

// the id the dapp is showing you.
const dAppIdentifier = 'bYUh6Bn6A........388LR1JCrED';

peerConnect.value = new BoostPeerConnect(
  'Your wallet name',
  '<img src=".....>' //your wallet logo

 * Define a callback to handle all connection attempts. This will be called by the DApp when a connection is
 * tried to be established.
peerConnect.value.setOnConnect((message: IConnectMessage) => {
  connectStatus.value = message;

  if (!message.dApp.address) {
    // every dapp should send some infos about it.

  if (message.dApp.address !== dAppIdentifier) {
    // the connected dapp id should match the one that the user requested

  if (message.error) {
    //handle the connection error (message.errorMessage)

  //now handle the message and show which dapp was connected to your wallet

// finally try to connect to the dapp
const seed = peerConnect.value.connect(

//seed will be the unique connection id between you and the dapp
//The connection is not yet established. The user needs to grant the permission to establish the connection on the
//dapp side. See next section on how a DApp must implement this.

Infos for usage in DApp site

This is the necessary minimal implementation a DApp provider has to do, to get his app connected to peer connect.

<script src=""></script>

  // Give your app some basic information that will be displayed to the client wallet when he is connecting to your DApp.
  const dAppInfo: IDAppInfos = {
    name: 'An awesome DApp',
    url: 'http://an-awesome-dapp-url.tld/'

  // Define a function that will be called when the client tries to connect to your DApp.
  const verifyConnection = (
    walletInfo: IWalletInfo,
    callback: (granted: boolean) => void
  ) => {
      window.confirm(`Do you want to connect to wallet ${} (${walletInfo.address})?`)

  const dAppConnect = new DAppPeerConnect({
    dAppInfo: dAppInfo,
    verifyConnection: verifyConnection,
    onApiInject: onApiInject, // will be call when api was successfully injected
    onApiEject: onApiEject,   // will be call when api was ejected

  // This is the code (identifier) that the client needs to enter into the wallet to connect to your dapp
  const clientConnectCode = dAppConnect.getAddress()

  // Create and insert a QR code on your DApp, so the user can scan it easily in their app

  //after the api was injected you cann call all cip-30 function on window.cardanop2p as you would on window.cardano



Last updated on 24 May 2024

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