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Hardhat plugin to compile smart contracts for the zkSync network

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hardhat-zksync-solc 🚀

zkSync Era Hardhat plugin to compile smart contracts for the zkSync network.

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📥 Installation

To install hardhat-zksync-solc plugin, run:

npm install -D @matterlabs/hardhat-zksync-solc


yarn add -D @matterlabs/hardhat-zksync-solc

🔩 Configuration

Import the package in the hardhat.config.ts file:

import "@matterlabs/hardhat-zksync-solc";

Any configuration parameters should be added inside a zksolc property in the hardhat.config.ts file:

zksolc: {
    version: "latest", // optional.
    settings: {
      compilerPath: "zksolc",  // optional. Ignored for compilerSource "docker". Can be used if compiler is located in a specific folder
      libraries:{}, // optional. References to non-inlinable libraries
      missingLibrariesPath: "./.zksolc-libraries-cache/missingLibraryDependencies.json" // optional. This path serves as a cache that stores all the libraries that are missing or have dependencies on other libraries. A `hardhat-zksync-deploy` plugin uses this cache later to compile and deploy the libraries, especially when the `deploy-zksync:libraries` task is executed
      isSystem: false, // optional.  Enables Yul instructions available only for zkSync system contracts and libraries
      forceEvmla: false, // optional. Falls back to EVM legacy assembly if there is a bug with Yul
      optimizer: {
        enabled: true, // optional. True by default
        mode: '3' // optional. 3 by default, z to optimize bytecode size
        fallback_to_optimizing_for_size: false, // optional. Try to recompile with optimizer mode "z" if the bytecode is too large
      experimental: {
        dockerImage: '', // deprecated
        tag: ''   // deprecated
🔧 Properties📄 Description
versionzksolc compiler version.
compilerSourceIndicates the compiler source and can be either binary (default) or docker (deprecated).
compilerPath(optional) field with the path to the zksolc binary. By default, the binary in $PATH is used
librariesIf your contract uses non-inlinable libraries as dependencies, they have to be defined here.
missingLibrariesPath(optional) serves as a cache that stores all the libraries that are missing or have dependencies on other libraries.
isSystemRequired if contracts use enables Yul instructions available only for zkSync system contracts and libraries
forceEvmlaFalls back to EVM legacy assembly if there is an issue with the Yul IR compilation pipeline.
optimizerCompiler optimizations (enabled: true (default) or false), mode: 3 (default), fallback_to_optimizing_for_size: false (default) recommended for most projects.
metadataMetadata settings. If the option is omitted, the metadata hash appends by default: bytecodeHash. Can only be none.
dockerImage(deprecated) option used to identify the name of the compiler docker image.

Learn more about compiling libraries here

Setting the forceEvmla field to true can have the following negative impacts:

  • No support for recursion.
  • No support for internal function pointers.
  • Possible contract size and performance impact.

zkSync Era Solidity compiler

Due to the identified limitations of the upstream Solidity compiler, our team has developed a new edition of the compiler, which effectively addresses and resolves these constraints.

For usage of EraVM compiler, eraVersion should be added inside solidity property in the hardhat.config.ts file:

solidity: {
    version: "0.8.17",
    eraVersion: "1.0.0" //optional. Compile contracts with EraVM compiler
🔧 Properties📄 Description
eraVersion(optional) is field used to specify version of EraVM compiler

🕹 Commands

yarn hardhat compile

Compiles all the smart contracts in the contracts directory and creates the artifacts-zk folder with all the compilation artifacts, including factory dependencies for the contracts, which could be used for contract deployment.

📝 Documentation

In addition to the hardhat-zksync-solc, zkSync's Era website offers a variety of resources including:

Guides to get started: Learn how to start building on zkSync Era.
Hardhat zkSync Era plugins: Overview and guides for all Hardhat zkSync Era plugins.
Hyperscaling: Deep dive into hyperscaling on zkSync Era.

🤝 Contributing

Contributions are always welcome! Feel free to open any issue or send a pull request.

Go to to learn about steps and best practices for contributing to zkSync hardhat tooling base repository.

🙌 Feedback, help and news

zkSync Era Discord server: for questions and feedback.
Follow zkSync Era on Twitter

Happy building! 👷‍♀️👷‍♂️



Last updated on 26 Feb 2024

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