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1Sat Ordinals library

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description: js-1sat-ord

1Sat Ordinals - JS Library

A Javascript library for creating and managing 1Sat Ordinal inscriptions and transactions. Uses @bsv/sdk under the hood.


Install the library, and it's peer dependency. We recommend using Bun for the best performance, but you can also use Yarn or npm:

# Using Bun (recommended)
bun add js-1sat-ord @bsv/sdk

# Using Yarn
yarn add js-1sat-ord @bsv/sdk

# Using npm
npm i js-1sat-ord @bsv/sdk


import { createOrdinals, sendOrdinals, sendUtxos, deployBsv21Token, transferOrdToken } from 'js-1sat-ord'


Prepare some utxos to use in the following format. Be sure to use base64 encoded scripts. We use this encoding because it makes large scripts smaller in size.

import type { Utxo } from "js-1sat-ord";

const utxo: Utxo = {
  satoshis: 269114,
  txid: "61fd6e240610a9e9e071c34fc87569ef871760ea1492fe1225d668de4d76407e",
  script: "<base64 encoded script>",
  vout: 1,

You can use the helper fetchPayUtxos(address) to fetch unspent transaction outputs from the public 1Sat API and create the scripts with the correct encoding. This should be a BSV address, not your ordinals address.

import { fetchPayUtxos } from "js-1sat-ord";

const utxos = await fetchPayUtxos(payAddress)
Prepare Inscription

For a markdown inscription, you can create a string and convert it to base64:

import type { Inscription } from "js-1sat-ord";

// Create a markdown string
const markdownContent = "# Hello World!\n\nThis is a 1Sat Ordinal inscription.";

// Convert to base64
const encodedFileData = Buffer.from(markdownContent).toString('base64');

// Prepare the inscription object
const inscription: Inscription = {
  dataB64: encodedFileData,
  contentType: "text/markdown"
Prepare Keys

Be sure to use different keys for ordinals and normal payments:

import { PrivateKey } from "js-1sat-ord";

const paymentPk = PrivateKey.fromWif(paymentWif);
const ordPk = PrivateKey.fromWif(ordWif);

Create Ordinals

The createOrdinals function creates a transaction with inscription outputs:

import type { CreateOrdinalsConfig } from "js-1sat-ord";

const config: CreateOrdinalsConfig = {
  utxos: [utxo],
  destinations: [{
    address: ordinalDestinationAddress,
    inscription: { dataB64: encodedFileData, contentType: "text/markdown" }
  paymentPk: paymentPk

const result = await createOrdinals(config);

Send Ordinals

Sends ordinals to the given destinations:

import type { SendOrdinalsConfig } from "js-1sat-ord";

const config: SendOrdinalsConfig = {
  paymentUtxos: [paymentUtxo],
  ordinals: [ordinalUtxo],
  paymentPk: paymentPk,
  ordPk: ordPk,
  destinations: [{
    address: destinationAddress,
    inscription: { dataB64: encodedFileData, contentType: "text/markdown" }

const result = await sendOrdinals(config);

Deploy a BSV21 Token

import type { DeployBsv21TokenConfig } from "js-1sat-ord";

const config: DeployBsv21TokenConfig = {
  symbol: "MYTICKER",
  icon: "<icon_outpoint>",
  utxos: [utxo],
  initialDistribution: { address: destinationAddress, amt: "1000000000" },
  paymentPk: paymentPk,
  destinationAddress: destinationAddress

const result = await deployBsv21Token(config);

Transfer BSV21 Tokens

import type { TransferBsv21TokenConfig } from "js-1sat-ord";

const config: TransferBsv21TokenConfig = {
  protocol: TokenType.BSV21,
  tokenID: tokenID,
  utxos: [utxo],
  inputTokens: [tokenUtxo],
  distributions: [{ address: destinationAddress, amt: "1000" }],
  paymentPk: paymentPk,
  ordPk: ordPk

const result = await transferOrdToken(config);

Send Utxos

Sends utxos to the given destination:

import type { SendUtxosConfig } from "js-1sat-ord";

const config: SendUtxosConfig = {
  utxos: [utxo],
  paymentPk: paymentPk,
  payments: [{ to: destinationAddress, amount: 1000 }]

const { tx } = await sendUtxos(config);

Additional Configuration Options

Each function accepts additional configuration options not shown in the examples above. These include:

  • changeAddress: Address to send change to (if not provided, defaults to the payment key's address)
  • satsPerKb: Satoshis per kilobyte for fee calculation
  • metaData: MAP (Magic Attribute Protocol) metadata to include in inscriptions
  • signer: Custom signer object for transaction signing
  • additionalPayments: Additional payments to include in the transaction

Refer to the function documentation for a complete list of configuration options for each function.

Using with Bundlers

Since this package depends on @bsv/sdk there should be no issue with bundlers.


There is a public 1Sat API which is documented here:


Package last updated on 17 Jul 2024

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