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NeoDash - Neo4j Dashboard Builder

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NeoDash 2.4.8

This is a minor release containing an important fix and other minor fixes:

  • Fixed a bug where loading a dashboard would reset parameters to null (887).
  • Fix relationship width parameter for Graph report (889).

Thanks to all the contributors for this release:



NeoDash - Neo4j Dashboard Builder

NeoDash is an open source tool for visualizing your Neo4j data. It lets you group visualizations together as dashboards, and allow for interactions between reports.


Neodash supports presenting your data as tables, graphs, bar charts, line charts, maps and more. It contains a Cypher editor to directly write the Cypher queries that populate the reports. You can save dashboards to your database, and share them with others.

Try NeoDash

You can run NeoDash in one of three ways:

  1. You can install NeoDash into Neo4j Desktop from the graph app gallery. NeoDash will automatically connect to your active database.
  2. You can run NeoDash from a web browser by visiting
  3. For on-prem deployments, you can build the application yourself, or pull the latest Docker image from Docker Hub.
# Run the application on http://localhost:5005
docker pull neo4jlabs/neodash:latest
docker run -it --rm -p 5005:5005 neo4jlabs/neodash

Windows users may need to prefix the docker run command with winpty.

Build and Run

This project uses yarn to install, run, build prettify and apply linting to the code.

To install dependencies:

yarn install

To run the application in development mode:

yarn run dev

To build the app for deployment:

yarn run build

To manually prettify all the project .ts and .tsx files, run:

yarn run format

To manually run linting of all your .ts and .tsx files, run:

yarn run lint

To manually run linting of all your .ts and .tsx staged files, run:

yarn run lint-staged

See the Developer Guide for more on installing, building, and running the application.

Pre-Commit Hook

While commiting, a pre-commit hook will be executed in order to prettify and run the Linter on your staged files. Linter warnings are currently accepted. The commands executed by this hook can be found in /.lintstagedrc.json.

There is also a dedicated linting step in the Github project pipeline in order to catch each potential inconsistency.

Don't hesitate to setup your IDE formatting feature to use the Prettier module and our defined rules (.prettierrc.json).

User Guide

NeoDash comes with built-in examples of dashboards and reports. For more details on the types of reports and how to customize them, see the User Guide.

Publish Dashboards

After building a dashboard, you can chose to deploy a read-only, standalone instance for users. See Publishing for more on publishing dashboards.

Questions / Suggestions

If you have any questions about NeoDash, please reach out to the maintainers:

NeoDash is a free and open-source tool developed by the Neo4j community - not an official Neo4j product. If you have a need for a commercial agreement around training, custom extensions or other services, please contact the Neo4j Professional Services team.


Last updated on 13 May 2024

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