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React component for the vis-timeline module


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React vis-timeline component

React component for the vis-timeline timeline module.

vis-timeline documentation


npm install --save react-vis-timeline


yarn add react-vis-timeline

Getting Started

import Timeline from 'react-vis-timeline' // https://visjs.github.io/vis-timeline/docs/timeline/#Configuration_Options const options = { width: '100%', height: '100px', // ... // ... } // JSX <Timeline options={options} />

What are the differences from react-visjs-timeline ?

  • Written in Typescript

  • Using vis-timeline library! without the old vis.js

  • No unnecessary re-renders

    the old lib re-rendered on each prop changed, while using immutable objects to detect changes. This was very problematic and caused performance issues. We don't wont to re-render the whole timeline, just because 1 item added to the items array.

  • API changes (items, groups)

    vis-timeline already know how to detect changes with vis-data's DataSet object. So in this library we take it as an advantage and using this DataSets. While exposing them to the user within ref.

    Yoa can also insert initial data with props, and update/add/remove later with ref API.

  • Expose timeline's API.

    Methods like focuse, fit and many more native vis-timeline methods exposed as well in optional ref.

Supported Features

  • Configuration Options
  • Items
  • Groups
  • Custom Times
  • Events
  • Selection
  • Timeline's API


Items follow the exact same for format as they do in `vis-timeline``. See the vis-timeline documentation for more information.

const items = [{ start: new Date(2010, 7, 15), end: new Date(2010, 8, 2), // end is optional content: 'Trajectory A', }] <Timeline options={options} initialItems={items} />


Groups follow the exact same for format as they do in vis-timeline. See the vis-timeline documentation for more information.

const groups = [{ id: 1, content: 'Group A', }] <Timeline options={options} initialGroups={groups} />

Custom Times

CustomTimes defined more declaratively in the component, via the customTimes prop.

const customTimes = [ { id: 'one', datetime: new Date() }, { id: 'two', datetime: 'Tue May 10 2016 16:17:44 GMT+1000 (AEST)' } ]

When the customTimes prop changes, the updated times will be reflected in the timeline.


All events are supported via prop function handlers. The prop name follows the convention <eventName>Handler and the specified function will receive the same arguments as the vis-timeline counterparts. Some vis-timeline event names are not camelcased (e.g. rangechange), so the corresponding React prop names need to follow that convention where necessary:

<Timeline options={options} clickHandler={clickHandler} rangechangeHandler={rangeChangeHandler} /> function clickHandler(props) { // handle click event } function rangeChangeHandler(props) { // handle range change }


You can enable animation (when the options start/end values change) by passing a prop of animation to the component. The available options for this prop follow the same conventions as setWindow in vis-timeline. So you can either pass a boolean value (true by default) or an object specifying your animation configuration, e.g:

// animate prop... { duration: 3000, easingFunction: 'easeInQuint' }


Import your custom CSS after you import the component from the module, e.g:

import Timeline from 'react-vis-timeline'; import './my-custom-css.css';


Last updated on 19 May 2020

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