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The Ever-learning and ever-improving tool!




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Version: 3.29.6


The Ever-learning and ever-improving tool!

Click the arrows on the left of each of the items below to see more information about them.

Geniusbot Chat
Chat with your friendly and extremely intelligent Geniusbot.

Powered by Artificial Intelligence scaled to your PC's performance!

Geniusbot Chat

Media Downloader
Download videos from various websites!


  • YouTube
  • DailyMotion
  • Rumble
  • Twitter
  • BitChute
  • And More!

Examples for how to find user & channel.

User Entry Image

Channel Entry Image

Open File allows you to browse for a text file that has a list of YouTube links. Examples contents:

Media Downloader

Media Manager
Manage your media library by: - Cleaning up names of files and folders based off pre-built filters. - Apply subtitles located in "Sub" folder within each media directory - Move files to final destination after processing

Download as MP3 or MP4

Media Manager

Website Archiving
Archive any website by taking screenshots of any website entered or scraping that site for specific file types.

Choose from a variety of options like file type, quality, and image size.

Web Archiver

Subtitle Shift
Shift a subtitle forward or backward a few seconds so it aligns with your video!

Subtitle Shift

Report Manager
Generate report analysis using: - Visualization plots - Pandas Profiling - Report Analysis Text file

Merge reports with the following methods:

  • Inner
  • Outer
  • Left
  • Right
  • Append

Multiple column selection optional for Inner, Outer, Left, and Right joining

Report Manager

Repository Manager
Manage your repositories by cloning, pulling, or running your own set of git commands on a given directory

Repository Manager

Rom Manager
Convert Game ROMs to Compressed Hunks of Data (CHD) file format or RVZ file format

Automatically generate missing .cue files for your .bin files! Rom Manager

Systems Manager
Manage your Linux/Windows System!
  • Install Applications
  • Clean
  • Update
  • Upgrade Geniusbot
  • Enable Windows Features


Install core

pip install geniusbot

Install with all plugins

pip install geniusbot[all]

Install with desired plugins

pip install geniusbot[rom-manager,media-downloader,media-manager]
Build Executable
python -m pip install --upgrade pyinstaller
git clone
cd geniusbot
python -m venv .venv
python -m pip install -r ./requirements.txt
python -m pip install -r ./build-requirements.txt
python -m pip install --upgrade pandas scipy numpy pydantic
pyinstaller --name geniusbot `
  --log-level DEBUG `
  --onefile --windowed `
  --paths "./geniusbot" `
  --icon='./geniusbot/img/geniusbot.ico' `
  --recursive-copy-metadata=opentelemetry_api `
  --recursive-copy-metadata=opentelemetry_sdk `
  --recursive-copy-metadata=opentelemetry_exporter_otlp_proto_grpc `
  --add-binary "./.venv/Lib/site-packages/gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/libllmodel.dll;gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/" `
  --add-binary "./.venv/Lib/site-packages/gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/libatomic-1.dll;gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/" `
  --add-binary "./.venv/Lib/site-packages/gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/libbert-avxonly.dll;gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/" `
  --add-binary "./.venv/Lib/site-packages/gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/libbert-default.dll;gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/" `
  --add-binary "./.venv/Lib/site-packages/gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/libfmt.dll;gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/" `
  --add-binary "./.venv/Lib/site-packages/gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/libgcc_s_seh-1.dll;gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/" `
  --add-binary "./.venv/Lib/site-packages/gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/libgfortran-5.dll;gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/" `
  --add-binary "./.venv/Lib/site-packages/gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/libgomp-1.dll;gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/" `
  --add-binary "./.venv/Lib/site-packages/gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/libgptj-avxonly.dll;gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/" `
  --add-binary "./.venv/Lib/site-packages/gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/libgptj-default.dll;gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/" `
  --add-binary "./.venv/Lib/site-packages/gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/libllamamodel-mainline-avxonly.dll;gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/" `
  --add-binary "./.venv/Lib/site-packages/gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/libllamamodel-mainline-default.dll;gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/" `
  --add-binary "./.venv/Lib/site-packages/gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/libquadmath-0.dll;gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/" `
  --add-binary "./.venv/Lib/site-packages/gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/libwinpthread-1.dll;gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/" `
  --add-binary "./.venv/Lib/site-packages/gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/libstdc++-6.dll;gpt4all/llmodel_DO_NOT_MODIFY/build/" `
  --exclude-module pygame `
  --exclude-module tkinter `
Build Setup Executable
iscc "./setup.iss"
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Socket for GitHub automatically highlights issues in each pull request and monitors the health of all your open source dependencies. Discover the contents of your packages and block harmful activity before you install or update your dependencies.


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