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Django app,to sync feishu contacts to ldap.



Poetry Template

Django app template, using poetry-python as dependency manager.

This project is a template that can be cloned and re-used for redistributable apps.

It includes the following:

  • poetry for dependency management
  • isort, black, pyupgrade and flake8 linting
  • pre-commit to run linting
  • mypy for type checking
  • tox and Github Actions for builds and CI

There are default config files for the linting and mypy.


The motivation for this project is to provide a consistent set of standards across all YunoJuno public Python/Django projects. The principles we want to encourage are:

  • Simple for developers to get up-and-running
  • Consistent style (black, isort, flake8)
  • Future-proof (pyupgrade)
  • Full type hinting (mypy)


We currently support Python 3.7+, and Django 3.2+. We will aggressively upgrade Django versions, and we won't introduce hacks to support breaking changes - if Django 4 introduces something that 2.2 doesn't support we'll drop it.


Tests package

The package tests themselves are outside of the main library code, in a package that is itself a Django app (it contains models, settings, and any other artifacts required to run the tests (e.g. urls).) Where appropriate, this test app may be runnable as a Django project - so that developers can spin up the test app and see what admin screens look like, test migrations, etc.

Running tests

The tests themselves use pytest as the test runner. If you have installed the poetry evironment, you can run them thus:

$ poetry run pytest


$ poetry shell
(my_app) $ pytest

The full suite is controlled by tox, which contains a set of environments that will format, lint, and test against all support Python + Django version combinations.

$ tox
______________________ summary __________________________
  fmt: commands succeeded
  lint: commands succeeded
  mypy: commands succeeded
  py37-django22: commands succeeded
  py37-django32: commands succeeded
  py37-djangomain: commands succeeded
  py38-django22: commands succeeded
  py38-django32: commands succeeded
  py38-djangomain: commands succeeded
  py39-django22: commands succeeded
  py39-django32: commands succeeded
  py39-djangomain: commands succeeded

There is a .github/workflows/tox.yml file that can be used as a baseline to run all of the tests on Github. This file runs the oldest (2.2), newest (3.2), and head of the main Django branch.


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