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A library able to retrieve and decrypt all items in lastpass along with their change history and attachments.



=========== lastpasslib

A library able to retrieve and decrypt all items in lastpass along with their change history and attachments.

  • Documentation:

Project Features

  • Can completely decrypt all secrets, attachments, and all history of every field that supports it.
  • Can save the blob locally.
  • Can save attachments of secrets.
  • Exposes share info to and from people.

Project Inspiration

Initial inspiration was taken from More features were needed and I could not really follow the design of that project so well, so I ended up rewriting all of it with a new design that made sense to me and implemented all the required features on that. This project is now quite further that the original project feature wise.

During my reverse engineering efforts I also found sadly a little too late. Also extended my model further than the documentation of that project.


0.0.1 (08-02-2023)

  • First code creation

0.1.0 (11-02-2023)

  • Initial release

0.2.0 (17-02-2023)

  • Implement retrieving secrets by group and shared folder.

0.3.0 (17-02-2023)

  • Implement friendly interface to retrieve passwords and secure notes by group and shared folder.

0.4.0 (19-02-2023)

  • Implement folder grouping and retrieval.

0.5.0 (24-02-2023)

  • Implement folder filtering out on secret parsing.

0.6.0 (24-02-2023)

  • Implement a consistent interface for update datetime reporting.

0.7.0 (01-03-2023)

  • Implement root folder, personal folders and shared folders. Report on password change for secure notes that support it.

0.7.1 (01-03-2023)

  • Expose only one level of personal folders.

0.7.2 (01-03-2023)

  • Refactor to match on full share name.

0.7.3 (08-03-2023)

  • Decouple decrypted vault from vault functionality.

0.7.4 (08-03-2023)

  • Decouple decrypted vault from vault functionality.

0.7.5 (13-03-2023)

  • Hide possible logout error.

0.7.6 (20-03-2023)

  • Testing release.

0.7.7 (21-03-2023)

  • Implement better error messages on some faults.

0.8.0 (08-06-2023)

  • Implement support for yubikey MFA

1.0.0 (04-09-2023)

  • Implementing creating and moving of secrets.

1.0.1 (07-09-2023)

  • Fix typo error.

1.1.0 (11-09-2023)

  • Implement session refresh. Fix attachment retrieval for attachments in shared folders. Properly identify the attachment mode (text, binary)

1.1.1 (01-11-2023)

  • Release testing.

1.1.2 (07-11-2023)

  • testing release



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