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Collection of useful scripts for ldap based user management.



LDAP User Script Toolkit

A collection of python scripts that act as a wrapper/cli for the python-ldap library. There is an overall config file config.yml. The scripts have the following functionalities:

  • add/delete LDAP accounts,
  • create/archive user directories (and set quotas) belonging to these accounts on all fileservers according to the settings in the config.yml,
  • change email addresses in LDAP, GitLab and mailing list subscriptions
  • reset passwords
  • create/remove groups in ldap
  • add/remove users from LDAP groups

All scripts provide --help, --verbose and --dryrun flags.


pip install ldapKIT

User add/delete

To add/delete users, you can use the scripts: particleldapuseradd and particleldapuserdel -–user NAME.
There is also the functionality to search for users that are inactive for n days (inactive means: last password change older than m days) and delete them with particleldapuserdel –-cleanup.
The userdel script does not only remove the ldap user but is also able to run post-deletion tasks via ansible e.g. to backup user directories.

Group add/delete/modify

This is done via the tool particleldapgroup. Usage:

# particleldapgroup --help
usage: particleldapgroup [-h] [--verbose] [--dryrun]
                         {create,delete,adduser,deluser,cleanup} ...

positional arguments:
    create              create new group
    delete              delete group
    adduser             add users to group
    deluser             remove users from group
    cleanup             remove non-existant users from group

optional arguments:
  -h, --help            show this help message and exit
  --verbose, -v         add more ouput
  --dryrun, -d          don't write anything

Changing E-Mail Addresses

There is the script particleldapchangeemail which changes the email of an user in its:

  • LDAP account,
  • GitLab account (which somehow does not update its database when an ldap account changes its email)
  • and removes/adds its old/new email to a configured mailing list.

Example configuration

See the config.yml for an example configuration which uses the full functionality. Also see the userdir.yml which is an ansible playbook invoked by particleldapuser{add,del} to create/archive user dirs on foregin file servers (set in the config.yml).


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