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Auto scroll label for PyQt6




This is a Widget that I made on my own to start practicing my knowledge of pythhon and PyQt, it will show in the code itself and in the documentation and notes that I am newbie on this.

Widget preview

This is a preview of the Widget with its default Text, The text in this widget moves automatically if the text is larger than the Widget itself.

QAutoScrollLabel Preview

How to use

Widget initialization

To initialize the Widget you will need to instantiate the QAutoScrollLabel class, which has two optional arguments which are parent of type QWidget and debug of type Boolean; after this the show() function must be called.


The function debug must be used to set or change the debug status, it acepts an optional boolean parameter.

  • If True: The widget will start printing the following data every tick: debug(True)

    • Orientation: The ocurrent orientacion of the scrolling.
    • Pos: ScrollBar current position in Pixels.
    • Max: The maximum scroll value in Pixels.
    • Vel: The amount of pixels to scroll every tick.
    • Time between ticks: The time in seconds between one tick and the next one.
    • Ticks Per Second: The number of ticks each second.
  • If False debug(False) The widget will stop printing debug info.

  • If None or no parametr given debug(None) or debug() The debug status will be inverted (False -> True or True -> False)

Set Debug

The function setDebug() will let you set a custom calleable object to use as widget debug, this function requieres a calleable object in the parameter debug_fun, please use this function before the function show()

Debug Status

The debugStatus property returns a boolean value depending on the current state of debbuging.

Set Velocity

The setTimeBetweenTicks() function will allow you to configure the pixels that the scroll bar will scroll each Tick, this function requires a parameter of type Int

Set Time Beteen Ticks

The setVelocity() function will allow you to configure the time between each Tick, this function requires a parameter of type Float or Int


The velocity property returns the pixels that the scroll bar will scroll each Tick.


The orientation property returns the Current orientation of the text.

Time Beteen Ticks

The timeBetweenTicks property returns the time between each Tick.

Set Text - Inherited from ScrollLable(QScrollArea)

The funtion setText() set a new text in the Widget, this function requires a parameter of type Str.

Text - Inherited from ScrollLable(QScrollArea)

The function text() retuns the current text in the Widget


Version 1.0.4 First Public release

  • Uploaded to Pypi


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