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Command-line tool to get the current menu for Ghent University restaurants





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Command-line tool to get the current menu for Ghent University restaurants.

This application was made using Zeus WPI' s Hydra API.


It's recommended to install the tool using pipx to allow running the command from anywhere on your PC, without having to invoke it using python3 -m ugent_food.

$ pipx install ugent-food

If you don't want to use pipx, it can also be installed using pip:

$ pip3 install --user ugent-food

Note: Don't install this in a Virtual Environment, as you won't be able to run it from anywhere else.

Next, you can add an alias to your .bashrc or .zshrc for your own convenience:

# If you installed using pipx
$ echo 'alias food="ugent-food"' >> ~/.bashrc
$ echo 'alias food="ugent-food"' >> ~/.zshrc

# If you installed using pip
$ echo 'alias food="python3 -m ugent_food"' >> ~/.bashrc
$ echo 'alias food="python3 -m ugent_food"' >> ~/.zshrc

You can now simply use food to run the tool.


To keep the examples short, they use food instead of python3 -m ugent_food to invoke the tool.


To get the menu for a given day, use the menu command. By default, not passing any arguments will fetch today's menu:

$ food

For convenience, passing this command is optional. You can immediately pass a day (or subcommand) instead of having to explicitly add this as well. The above line is equivalent to

$ food menu

To fetch the menu for a specific day, an extra argument can be passed. This can either be a weekday, an offset (relative to today), or a day in DD/MM-format:

$ food monday
$ food tomorrow
$ food 21/09


The tool has a couple of settings that you can configure using the set subcommand:

$ food config set skip_weekends true

You can list the current settings with config ls:

$ food config ls
Available settings

Note that boolean arguments can be supplied as any of [true, false, t, f, 1, 0].

NameDescriptionType (choices)Default
hiddenA list of meal kinds that should be hidden when fetching menus. This can be useful for vegetarians and vegans who don't care about the meat dishes.List[String] ("fish", "meat", "soup", "vegan", "vegetarian")[]
languageThe language used to fetch the menus in.String ("en" 🇬🇧 , "nl" 🇧🇪/🇳🇱)"en"
skip_weekendsWhether to automatically skip weekends when fetching menus without an explicit day argument. This defaults to true because the restaurants aren't usually open during weekends. For example: using the tool on a Saturday will show the menu for the coming Monday.BooleanTrue



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