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`grpc_middleware` is a collection of gRPC middleware packages: interceptors, helpers and tools. gRPC is a fantastic RPC middleware, which sees a lot of adoption in the Golang world. However, the upstream gRPC codebase is relatively bare bones. This package, and most of its child packages provides commonly needed middleware for gRPC: client-side interceptors for retires, server-side interceptors for input validation and auth, functions for chaining said interceptors, metadata convenience methods and more. By default, gRPC doesn't allow one to have more than one interceptor either on the client nor on the server side. `grpc_middleware` provides convenient chaining methods Simple way of turning a multiple interceptors into a single interceptor. Here's an example for server chaining: These interceptors will be executed from left to right: logging, monitoring and auth. Here's an example for client side chaining: These interceptors will be executed from left to right: monitoring and then retry logic. The retry interceptor will call every interceptor that follows it whenever when a retry happens. Implementing your own interceptor is pretty trivial: there are interfaces for that. But the interesting bit exposing common data to handlers (and other middleware), similarly to HTTP Middleware design. For example, you may want to pass the identity of the caller from the auth interceptor all the way to the handling function. For example, a client side interceptor example for auth looks like: Unfortunately, it's not as easy for streaming RPCs. These have the `context.Context` embedded within the `grpc.ServerStream` object. To pass values through context, a wrapper (`WrappedServerStream`) is needed. For example:


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# Go gRPC Middleware

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[![Apache 2.0 License](](LICENSE)
[![quality: production](](#status)

[gRPC Go]( Middleware: interceptors, helpers, utilities.

## ⚠️  Status

Version [v2]( is about to be released, with migration guide, which will replace v1. Try v2 and give us feedback! 

Version v1 is currently in deprecation mode, which means only critical and safety bug fixes will be merged.

## Middleware

[gRPC Go]( recently acquired support for
Interceptors, i.e. [middleware](
that is executed either on the gRPC Server before the request is passed onto the user's application logic, or on the gRPC client around the user call. It is a perfect way to implement
common patterns: auth, logging, message, validation, retries, or monitoring.

These are generic building blocks that make it easy to build multiple microservices easily.
The purpose of this repository is to act as a go-to point for such reusable functionality. It contains
some of them itself, but also will link to useful external repos.

`grpc_middleware` itself provides support for chaining interceptors, here's an example:

import ""

myServer := grpc.NewServer(

## Interceptors

_Please send a PR to add new interceptors or middleware to this list_

#### Auth

- [`grpc_auth`](auth) - a customizable (via `AuthFunc`) piece of auth middleware

#### Logging

- [`grpc_ctxtags`](tags/) - a library that adds a `Tag` map to context, with data populated from request body
- [`grpc_zap`](logging/zap/) - integration of [zap]( logging library into gRPC handlers.
- [`grpc_logrus`](logging/logrus/) - integration of [logrus]( logging library into gRPC handlers.
- [`grpc_kit`](logging/kit/) - integration of [go-kit/log]( logging library into gRPC handlers.
- [`grpc_grpc_logsettable`](logging/settable/) - a wrapper around `grpclog.LoggerV2` that allows to replace loggers in runtime (thread-safe).

#### Monitoring

- [`grpc_prometheus`⚡]( - Prometheus client-side and server-side monitoring middleware
- [`otgrpc`⚡]( - [OpenTracing]( client-side and server-side interceptors
- [`grpc_opentracing`](tracing/opentracing) - [OpenTracing]( client-side and server-side interceptors with support for streaming and handler-returned tags
- [`otelgrpc`]( - [OpenTelemetry]( client-side and server-side interceptors

#### Client

- [`grpc_retry`](retry/) - a generic gRPC response code retry mechanism, client-side middleware

#### Server

- [`grpc_validator`](validator/) - codegen inbound message validation from `.proto` options
- [`grpc_recovery`](recovery/) - turn panics into gRPC errors
- [`ratelimit`](ratelimit/) - grpc rate limiting by your own limiter

## License

`go-grpc-middleware` is released under the Apache 2.0 license. See the [LICENSE](LICENSE) file for details.


Last updated on 15 Mar 2023

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