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Package cid implements the Content-IDentifiers specification ( in Go. CIDs are self-describing content-addressed identifiers useful for distributed information systems. CIDs are used in the IPFS ( project ecosystem. CIDs have two major versions. A CIDv0 corresponds to a multihash of type DagProtobuf, is deprecated and exists for compatibility reasons. Usually, CIDv1 should be used. A CIDv1 has four parts: As shown above, the CID implementation relies heavily on Multiformats, particularly Multibase (, Multicodec ( and Multihash implementations (

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A package to handle content IDs in Go.

This is an implementation in Go of the CID spec. It is used in go-ipfs and related packages to refer to a typed hunk of data.

Lead Maintainer

Eric Myhre

Table of Contents


go-cid is a standard Go module which can be installed with:

go get


Running tests

Run tests with go test from the directory root

go test


Parsing string input from users
// Create a cid from a marshaled string
c, err := cid.Decode("bafzbeigai3eoy2ccc7ybwjfz5r3rdxqrinwi4rwytly24tdbh6yk7zslrm")
if err != nil {...}

fmt.Println("Got CID: ", c)
Creating a CID from scratch

import (
  cid ""
  mc ""
  mh ""

// Create a cid manually by specifying the 'prefix' parameters
pref := cid.Prefix{
	Version: 1,
	Codec: uint64(mc.Raw),
	MhType: mh.SHA2_256,
	MhLength: -1, // default length

// And then feed it some data
c, err := pref.Sum([]byte("Hello World!"))
if err != nil {...}

fmt.Println("Created CID: ", c)
Check if two CIDs match
// To test if two cid's are equivalent, be sure to use the 'Equals' method:
if c1.Equals(c2) {
	fmt.Println("These two refer to the same exact data!")
Check if some data matches a given CID
// To check if some data matches a given cid, 
// Get your CIDs prefix, and use that to sum the data in question:
other, err := c.Prefix().Sum(mydata)
if err != nil {...}

if !c.Equals(other) {
	fmt.Println("This data is different.")


PRs are welcome!

Small note: If editing the Readme, please conform to the standard-readme specification.


MIT © Jeromy Johnson


Last updated on 04 Apr 2023

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