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# dp-search-api

Digital Publishing Search API

A Go application microservice to provide query functionality on the ONS Website

## Getting started

Set up dependencies locally as follows:

* In [dp-compose]( run `docker-compose up -d` to run ElasticSearch 7.10
    * dp-compose will run Elasticsearch 7.10 on port 11200 to not conflict with ES 2.2 running on port 9200
* If using the POST /search endpoint then authorisation for this requires running Vault and Zebedee as follows:
* In any directory run `vault server -dev` as Zebedee has a dependency on Vault
* In the zebedee directory run `./` to run Zebedee

Then run `make debug`

## Dependencies

* Requires ElasticSearch running on port 11200
* Requires Zebedee running on port 8082
* No further dependencies other than those defined in `go.mod`

## Configuration

An overview of the configuration options available, either as a table of
environment variables, or with a link to a configuration guide.

| Environment variable         | Default                    | Description                                                                                                        
| AWS_FILENAME                 | ""                         | The AWS file location for finding credentials to sign AWS http requests                                            
| AWS_PROFILE                  | ""                         | The AWS profile to use from credentials file to sign AWS http requests                                             
| AWS_REGION                   | eu-west-2                  | The AWS region to use when signing requests with AWS SDK                                                           
| AWS_SERVICE                  | "es"                       | The AWS service that the AWS SDK signing mechanism needs to sign a request                                         
| AWS_SIGNER                   | false                      | The AWS signer flag will determine if requests to Elasticsearch contain round tripper for signing requests         
| AWS_TLS_INSECURE_SKIP_VERIFY | false                      | This should never be set to true, as it disables SSL certificate verification. Used only for development           
| BIND_ADDR                    | :23900                     | The host and port to bind to                                                                                       
| ELASTIC_SEARCH_URL           | "<http://localhost:11200>" | Http url of the ElasticSearch server                                                                               
| GRACEFUL_SHUTDOWN_TIMEOUT    | 5s                         | The graceful shutdown timeout in seconds (`time.Duration` format)                                                  
| HEALTHCHECK_CRITICAL_TIMEOUT | 90s                        | Time to wait until an unhealthy dependent propagates its state to make this app unhealthy (`time.Duration` format) 
| HEALTHCHECK_INTERVAL         | 30s                        | Time between self-healthchecks (`time.Duration` format)                                                            
| SERVICE_AUTH_TOKEN           | ""                         | The service auth token only gets used by the bulk indexer [Running Bulk Indexer](#running-bulk-indexer)            
| ZEBEDEE_URL                  | <http://localhost:8082>    | The URL to Zebedee (for authorisation)                                                                             

## API documentation

Documentation of the API interface is described using swagger 2.0. This specification can be
found [here](./swagger.yaml).

## Go SDK - Client Package

Applications trying to interact with the API can use the Go SDK package which contains a list of client methods that are
maintained to align with
the API. For futher reading on how to use the client follow this [link](./sdk/

## Connecting to AWS Elasticsearch cluster (dev only)

### Prerequisites

* You will need an user account for the aws account you are trying to connect to
* You will need to be given a policy to allow read and write access to the AWS Elasticsearch cluster

### Connecting

To connect to managed Elasticsearch cluster in AWS, you will want to port forward 11200 to the domain endpoint. Using
the dp tool, one can do this like so:

  dp ssh develop <ip of aws box> -p 9200:<elasticsearch cluster domain endpoint e.g. "<unique identifier>" + ""

Once connected, run the following make target:

  make local

## Reindexing locally

Use the [dp-search-reindex-batch]( script to build a local search
index from data in your local zebedee and dataset api data.

(Note, [an earlier version of this service](
included a reindexing script that has now been replaced by the above tool)

### Architecture

See [ARCHITECTURE](architecture/ for details.

### Contributing

See [CONTRIBUTING]( for details.

### License

Copyright © 2016-2023, Office for National Statistics (<>)

Released under MIT license, see [LICENSE]( for details.


Last updated on 03 Nov 2023

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