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Angular Webpack Build Facade

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What is @angular-devkit/build-angular?

The @angular-devkit/build-angular package is a set of tools and build configurations used to compile and build Angular applications. It is part of the Angular DevKit and is designed to work with the Angular CLI to provide a smooth development experience. It includes features for building, bundling, optimizing, and serving Angular applications.

What are @angular-devkit/build-angular's main functionalities?

Building Angular Applications

Compiles an Angular app into an output directory. The build artifacts will be stored in the dist/ directory by default.

ng build

Development Server

Builds the application and starts a web server. You can view your application in the browser by navigating to the provided localhost address.

ng serve

Code Optimization

Performs ahead-of-time compilation, tree-shaking, minification, and other optimizations to produce a production-ready application.

ng build --prod

Sass/SCSS Compilation

Allows you to use Sass/SCSS stylesheets with your Angular components, which will be compiled to CSS during the build process.

ng build --style=scss

Internationalization (i18n)

Builds the application with i18n support. It can generate multiple versions of your application, one for each locale you support.

ng build --localize

Other packages similar to @angular-devkit/build-angular




This package contains Architect builders used to build and test Angular applications and libraries.


applicationBuild an Angular application targeting a browser and server environment using esbuild.
app-shellBuild an Angular App shell.
browserBuild an Angular application targeting a browser environment using Webpack.
browser-esbuildBuild an Angular application targeting a browser environment using esbuild.
dev-serverA development server that provides live reloading.
extract-i18nExtract i18n messages from an Angular application.
karmaExecute unit tests using Karma test runner.
ng-packagrBuild and package an Angular library in Angular Package Format (APF) format using ng-packagr.
prerenderPrerender pages of your application. Prerendering is the process where a dynamic page is processed at build time generating static HTML.
serverBuild an Angular application targeting a Node.js environment.
ssr-dev-serverA development server which offers live reload during development, but uses server-side rendering.
protractorDeprecated - Run end-to-end tests using Protractor framework.


While the builders when executed via the Angular CLI and their associated options are considered stable, the programmatic APIs are not considered officially supported and are not subject to the breaking change guarantees of SemVer.



Package last updated on 17 Jul 2024

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