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Babel Types is a Lodash-esque utility library for AST nodes

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What is @babel/types?

The @babel/types package is a part of the Babel compiler ecosystem. It contains methods for building and validating AST (Abstract Syntax Tree) nodes for JavaScript-like languages. It is commonly used for creating and transforming code within Babel plugins.

What are @babel/types's main functionalities?

AST Node Creation

This feature allows the creation of AST nodes. The code sample demonstrates how to create an identifier and a numeric literal using the package.

const t = require('@babel/types');
const identifier = t.identifier('myVariable');
const numericLiteral = t.numericLiteral(123);

AST Node Validation

This feature is used to validate if a node is of a specific type. The code sample checks if a node is an identifier.

const t = require('@babel/types');
const isValid = t.isIdentifier(t.identifier('myVariable'));

AST Node Transformation

This feature allows the transformation of AST nodes. The code sample creates a binary expression node that represents 'a + b'.

const t = require('@babel/types');
const binaryExpression = t.binaryExpression('+', t.identifier('a'), t.identifier('b'));

AST Node Traversal

This feature is not directly provided by @babel/types but is often used in conjunction with it. It involves traversing the AST and updating nodes. The code sample renames an identifier within the AST.

const t = require('@babel/types');
const traverse = require('@babel/traverse').default;
const ast = t.file(t.program([t.expressionStatement(t.identifier('myVariable'))]));
traverse(ast, {
  enter(path) {
    if (t.isIdentifier(path.node)) { = 'newVariable';

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v7.22.0 (2023-05-26)

:rocket: New Feature
  • babel-parser, babel-plugin-transform-typescript
    • #15497 [ts] Support import ... = and export = in scripts (@nicolo-ribaudo)
  • babel-compat-data, babel-core, babel-plugin-proposal-unicode-sets-regex, babel-plugin-transform-unicode-sets-regex, babel-preset-env, babel-standalone
  • babel-helpers, babel-plugin-proposal-explicit-resource-management, babel-plugin-transform-runtime, babel-runtime-corejs2, babel-runtime-corejs3, babel-runtime, babel-standalone
  • babel-plugin-proposal-import-attributes-to-assertions
  • babel-core, babel-generator, babel-parser, babel-plugin-syntax-import-attributes, babel-preset-env, babel-standalone, babel-types
  • babel-generator, babel-parser, babel-traverse, babel-types
  • babel-core, babel-helper-create-regexp-features-plugin, babel-parser
  • babel-helpers, babel-plugin-proposal-decorators, babel-plugin-syntax-decorators, babel-runtime-corejs2, babel-runtime-corejs3, babel-runtime
:nail_care: Polish
  • babel-plugin-transform-react-constant-elements, babel-plugin-transform-react-jsx, babel-traverse, babel-types
:house: Internal
  • babel-parser
  • babel-compat-data, babel-helper-transform-fixture-test-runner, babel-node, babel-plugin-proposal-decorators, babel-plugin-proposal-duplicate-named-capturing-groups-regex, babel-plugin-transform-async-generator-functions, babel-plugin-transform-named-capturing-groups-regex, babel-plugin-transform-runtime, babel-preset-env, babel-runtime-corejs3
  • babel-core, babel-plugin-proposal-async-generator-functions, babel-plugin-proposal-class-properties, babel-plugin-proposal-class-static-block, babel-plugin-proposal-decorators, babel-plugin-proposal-dynamic-import, babel-plugin-proposal-export-namespace-from, babel-plugin-proposal-function-sent, babel-plugin-proposal-json-strings, babel-plugin-proposal-logical-assignment-operators, babel-plugin-proposal-nullish-coalescing-operator, babel-plugin-proposal-numeric-separator, babel-plugin-proposal-object-rest-spread, babel-plugin-proposal-optional-catch-binding, babel-plugin-proposal-optional-chaining, babel-plugin-proposal-pipeline-operator, babel-plugin-proposal-private-methods, babel-plugin-proposal-private-property-in-object, babel-plugin-proposal-unicode-property-regex, babel-preset-env, babel-standalone




Babel Types is a Lodash-esque utility library for AST nodes

See our website @babel/types for more information or the issues associated with this package.


Using npm:

npm install --save-dev @babel/types

or using yarn:

yarn add @babel/types --dev


Last updated on 26 May 2023

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