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Awesome Firebase/Firestore-based headless CMS

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Designed by developers for developers, FireCMS is a headless CMS and admin panel that seamlessly integrates with Firebase and Firestore by default, but is also compatible with any backend.

Effortlessly generate CRUD views based on your configuration. FireCMS is simple to set up for standard cases and easy to extend and customize for more specific needs.

Built to produce collection and form views that naturally align with the collection/document model, FireCMS covers a wide range of basic and advanced use cases. With extensibility in mind, it's easy to create your own views or modify existing ones.

FireCMS does not impose any data structure restrictions, ensuring a smooth, out-of-the-box experience for any project.

Core technologies

FireCMS is based on this great technologies:

  • Typescript
  • Tailwind CSS
  • Firebase SDK 10
  • React + React Router 6


The easiest way to get going is to check our quickstart guide! You will just need to follow some quick steps:


Check the demo with all the core functionalities.

You can modify the data, but it gets periodically restored.



FireCMS has been meticulously crafted to make it incredibly easy for developers to build a CMS/admin tool while offering an excellent data editing experience and a user-friendly interface for marketers and content managers.

🏓 Exceptional Spreadsheet View

We've developed a highly efficient windowed spreadsheet view for collections, allowing inline editing for most common fields, as well as popup views for other cases and your custom field implementations.

Featuring real-time support, FireCMS is perfect for apps that require constant updates. It also supports text search (through an external provider like Algolia, if using Firestore), filtering and sorting, and exporting data.

✨ Robust Forms


When editing an entity, FireCMS offers a nested system of side dialogs for navigating through subcollections and accessing custom views (such as custom forms or blog previews). This functionality can also be accessed programmatically using the useSideEntityController hook.

FireCMS includes over 15 built-in fields with numerous customization and validation options. The components have been carefully designed for an outstanding user experience, including advanced features like references to other collections, markdown, and array reordering.

For unsupported use cases, create your own custom field as a React component.

FireCMS also supports conditional fields in forms, allowing you to define rules for active fields based on your logic.

👮 Authentication, Permissions, and Role System

Define which navigation views users can see and the operations (create, edit, delete) they can perform based on your role system. You can even configure this on a per-entity or collection level.

By default, FireCMS supports all Firebase authorization mechanisms, but you can implement your own.

🏹 Relational Support

Define references to entities in other collections and benefit from the integrated reference fields and shortcuts.

You can also define subcollections at the entity level for nesting data in a collection/document/collection model.

🆒 Real-Time Data

Every view in the CMS supports real-time data, making it suitable for displaying constantly updated information.

Forms also support this feature, with any modified value in the database being updated in any open form view as long as it hasn't been touched by the user. This enables advanced cases where a Cloud Function is triggered after saving an entity, modifying some values, and requiring real-time updates.

🗂️ File Storage

FireCMS supports uploading files to Firebase Storage out of the box and provides specific fields for handling single and multiple file uploads, as well as reordering.

You can replace the Firebase Storage implementation with your own.

Included example

You can access the code for the demo project under example. It includes every feature provided by this CMS.

Keep in mind you need to update the dependencies in that project if you want to use it as it is, without linking it to the library source code. More details in its README

Contact and support

If you need general support, you can open a GitHub issue.

Do you need consulting setting up your Firestore-based CMS in no time? We are happy to help!


If you would like to make changes to the source, feel free to submit a PR!

When developing, the core library can be found under lib. There is an example project in the folder example.

In order to run the project, you need to create a file called firebase_config.ts in example/src.

That file needs to export a valid Firebase config, that you can get from your Firebase console when creating a webapp for your project.

Then simply run yarn and yarn dev





Last updated on 09 Jul 2024

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