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This package provides an adapter for the Ledger Wallet.


import { LedgerAdapter } from '@tronweb3/tronwallet-adapter-ledger';
import TronWeb from 'tronweb';
const tronWeb = new TronWeb({
    fullHost: '',
    headers: { 'TRON-PRO-API-KEY': 'your api key' },

const adapter = new LedgerAdapter({
    // Initial total accounts to get once connection is created
    accountNumber: 5,
    // Custom derivate path for address
    getDerivationPath(index) {
        return `44'/195'/0'/0/${index}`;
// connect
await adapter.connect();

// then you can get address

// create a send TRX transaction
const unSignedTransaction = await tronWeb.transactionBuilder.sendTrx(targetAddress, 100, adapter.address);
// using adapter to sign the transaction
const signedTransaction = await adapter.signTransaction(unSignedTransaction);
// broadcast the transaction
await tronWeb.trx.sendRawTransaction(signedTransaction);



  • Constructor(config: LedgerAdapterConfig)

    interface LedgerAdapterConfig {
         * Set if open Wallet's website when wallet is not installed.
         * Default is true.
        openUrlWhenWalletNotFound?: boolean;
         * Initial total accounts to get once connection is created, default is 1
        accountNumber?: number;
         * Hook function to call before connecting to ledger and geting accounts.
         * By default, a modal will popup to reminder user to prepare the ledger and enter Tron app.
         * You can specify a function to disable this modal.
        beforeConnect?: () => Promise<unknown> | unknown;
         * Hook function to call after connecting to ledger and geting initial accounts.
         * The function should return the selected account including the index of account.
         * Following operations such as `signMessage` will use the selected account.
        selectAccount?: (params: { accounts: Account[]; ledgerUtils: LedgerUtils }) => Promise<Account>;
         * Function to get derivate BIP44 path by index.
         * Default is `44'/195'/${index}'/0/0`
        getDerivationPath?: (index: number) => string;
    interface Account {
         * The index to get BIP44 path.
        index: number;
         * The BIP44 path to derivate address.
        path: string;
         * The derivated address.
        address: string;
    interface LedgerUtils {
         * Get accounts from ledger by index. `from` is included and `to` is excluded.
         * User can use the function to load more accounts.
        getAccounts: (from: number, to: number) => Promise<Account[]>;
         * Request to get an address with specified index using getDerivationPath(index) to get BIP44 path.
         * If `display` is true, will request user to approve on ledger.
         * The promise will resove if user approve and reject if user cancel the operation.
        getAddress: (index: number, display: boolean) => Promise<{ publicKey: string; address: string }>;
  • Property: ledgerUtils ledgerUtils on LedgerAdapter is used to get useful functions to interact with Ledger directly. ledgerUtils is defined as last section.

    • getAccounts(from: number, to: number) is a wrapped function to get multiple accounts by index range from ledger. For example:

      const adapter = new LedgerAdapter();
      // get 5 accounts from ledger
      const accounts = await adapter.ledgerUtils.getAcccounts(0, 5);
      // [{ address: string, index: 0, path: "44'/195'/0'/0/0" }, ...]
    • getAddress: (index: number, display: boolean) is a raw function to request an address from ledger. If display is true, will request user to approve on ledger. For example, following code will request user approve on Ledger to confirm to connect their ledger.

      const adapter = new LedgerAdapter();
      const result = await adapter.ledgerUtils.getAddress(0, true);
      // { address: 'some address', publicKey: 'publicKey for address' }


  • multiSign() and switchChain(chainId: string) are not supported.

For more information about tronwallet adapters, please refer to @tronweb3/tronwallet-adapters



Last updated on 15 Nov 2023

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