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JUnit reporter for Newman that provides the information about the collection run in JUnit format. This needs to be used in conjunction with Newman so that it can recognize JUnit reporting options.

JUnit Reporter based on XSD specified by Publish Test Results task for Azure Pipeline | TFS 2018 | TFS 2017 | TFS 2015

Different from newman-reporter-junit is using executions to have full report and no aggregated report. Please use newman-reporter-junit if you want the original aggregated results. This is based on [newman-reporter-junitfull] ( while adding some features


The installation should be global if newman is installed globally, local otherwise. (Replace -g from the command below with -S for a local installation)

$ npm install -g newman-reporter-xunit


The examples provided in the usage are for showing the differences between newman-reporter-junit and this project.

Iteration (-n 2) is used to show the difference between original and full reports.

JUnit examples can be found here.


Use newman-reporter-junit to execute.

In order to enable this reporter, specify junit in Newman's -r or --reporters option.

newman run -r junit --reporter-junit-export './examples/original/result.xml' -n 2


In order to enable this reporter, specify xunit in Newman's -r or --reporters option.

newman run -r xunit --reporter-xunit-export './examples/full/result.xml' -n 2

Change request named

When using data file from newman, the same request, for each iteration, will have the same name, which is not very readable to distinguish the various test cases present in data file.

You can then set a special global variable which will change this name

pm.globals.set("__name__" + +, <new name>)

This way, the name can depend on data present (e.g: 'testName') in datafile

pm.globals.set("__name__" + +, pm.iterationData.get("testName"))

Change package name

It's the same principle as above, you can set the Iteration name (by default 'Iteration x') to an other name so that they are more readable

pm.globals.set("__name__" +, <new name>)


With Newman CLI
CLI OptionDescription
--reporter-xunit-export <path>Specify a path where the output XML file will be written to disk. If not specified, the file will be written to newman/ in the current working directory.
--reporter-xunit-hideSensitiveDataAsk reporter to remove any property containing 'user', 'password', 'token', 'usr', 'pwd', 'passwd' so that these data do not leak through report
--reporter-xunit-excludeRequest <req1>,<req2>Exlude the named requests from report
--reporter-xunit-aggregateInclude failure and error count totals at the root testsuites node
With Newman as a Library

The CLI functionality is available for programmatic use as well.

const newman = require('newman');{
    collection: require(''), // can also provide a URL or path to a local JSON file.
    reporters: 'xunit',
    reporter: {
        xunit: {
            export: './examples/full/result.xml', // If not specified, the file will be written to `newman/` in the current working directory.
	iterationCount: 2
}, function (err) {
	if (err) { throw err; }
    console.log('collection run complete!');


v1.0.0>= v4.0.0>= v6.x


Reporter not found

The reporter and newman must be installed at the same level, the installation should be global if newman is installed globally, local otherwise.

Getting different JUnit output

You are most probably getting in-built reporter output used in older versions of newman, Please check the newman's compatibility section above.

If you are facing any other problem, please check the open issues or create new.

Community Support

If you are interested in talking to the Postman team and fellow Newman users, you can find us on our Postman Community Forum. Feel free to drop by and say hello. You'll find us posting about upcoming features and beta releases, answering technical support questions, and contemplating world peace.

Sign in using your Postman account to participate in the discussions and don't forget to take advantage of the search bar - the answer to your question might already be waiting for you! Don’t want to log in? Then lurk on the sidelines and absorb all the knowledge.


This software is licensed under Apache-2.0. Copyright Postdot Technologies, Inc. See the LICENSE file for more information.



Last updated on 20 May 2022

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