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Touch-friendly image lightbox for mobile and desktop


  • Responsive
  • Touch friendly
  • Swipe gestures for next/previous image
  • Easy to install, easy to use
  • Minimalistic
  • Only some css is included. You can change the style like you want!
  • Lots of options
  • Preloading next and previous image
  • Android, iOs and Windows phone support
  • CSS3 Transitions with fallback for older browsers
  • Works in every modern Browser, even in IE 11
  • Can use jQuery 1.x, 2.x and 3.x. This is not required.
  • Keyboard support
  • Pinch to zoom
  • Double-tap to zoom


yarn add simplelightbox

// Bower
bower install simplelightbox

// NPM
npm install simplelightbox

After that include simple-lightbox(.min).css and simple-lightbox(.min).js to your page.


Standalone Plugin

When using the standalone variant (simple-lightbox(.min).js)

new SimpleLightbox('.some-element a', { /* options */ });

The jQuery-compatible (simple-lightbox.jquery(.min).js) variant works as before (v1.x):

$('.some-element a').simpleLightbox({ /* options */ });
With Webpack/Browserify/Parcel etc...

Choose the module file you want to import or require.

Module with Babel tranformation

import SimpleLightbox from "simplelightbox";

Plain ES Module without Babel

import SimpleLightbox from "simplelightbox/dist/simple-lightbox.esm"


For the default setup, you just need links that are pointing to images.

<div class="gallery">
    <a href="images/image1.jpg"><img src="images/thumbs/thumb1.jpg" alt="" title=""/></a>
    <a href="images/image2.jpg"><img src="images/thumbs/thumb2.jpg" alt="" title="Beautiful Image"/></a>

The markup inside the A-Tags can be whatever you want. In this example thumbnails of the big images. The 'title' tag is used by default to show a caption. For a complete example just look at the demo folder.

JavaScript Options

sourceAttrhrefstringThe attribute used for large images
overlaytrueboolShow an overlay or not
overlayOpacity0.7floatthe opacity of the overlay
spinnertrueboolShow spinner or not
navtrueboolShow arrow-navigation or not
navText['←','→']arrayText or html for the navigation arrows
captionstrueboolShow captions if available or not
captionSelector'img'string or functionSet the element where the caption is. Set it to "self" for the A-Tag itself or use a callback which returns the element
captionType'attr'stringHow to get the caption. You can choose between attr, data or text
captionsDatatitlestringGet the caption from given attribute
captionPosition'bottom'stringThe position of the caption. Options are top, bottom or outside (note that outside can be outside the visible viewport!)
captionDelay0intAdds a delay before the caption shows (in ms)
captionClass''stringAdd an additional class to the sl-caption
captionHTMLtrueboolWether or not to allow HTML in captions, defaults to true for legacy reasons
closetrueboolShow the close button or not
closeText'×'stringText or html for the close button
swipeClosetrueboolSwipe up or down to close gallery
showCountertrueboolShow current image index or not
fileExt'png|jpg|jpeg|gif'regexp or falseList of file extensions the plugin works with or false to disable the check
animationSpeed250intHow long the slide animation takes
animationSlidetrueboolWether to slide in new photos or not, disable to fade
preloadingtrueboolAllows preloading next and previous images
enableKeyboardtrueboolAllow keyboard arrow navigation and close with ESC key
looptrueboolEnables looping through images
relfalsemixedBy default, false means that the lightbox groups by rel automatically. This option can be used as an anchor rel alternative for Simplelightbox. It allows the user to group any combination of elements together for a gallery, or to override an existing rel so elements are not grouped together. Note: The value can also be set to 'nofollow' to disable grouping.
docClosetrueboolCloses the lightbox when clicking outside
swipeTolerance50intThe amount of pixels you have to swipe, until next or previous image
className:'simple-lightbox'stringAdds a class to the wrapper of the lightbox
widthRatio:0.8floatRatio of image width to screen width
heightRatio:0.9floatRatio of image height to screen height
scaleImageToRatio:falseboolScales the image up to the defined ratio size
disableRightClickfalseboolDisable rightclick on image or not
disableScrolltrueboolStop scrolling page if lightbox is opened
alertErrortrueboolShow an alert if image was not found. If false error will be ignored
alertErrorMessage'Image not found, next image will be loaded'stringThe message displayed if image was not found
additionalHtmlfalsestringAdditional HTML showing inside every image. Usefull for watermark etc. If false nothing is added
downloadfalsestringText for a download link below the image. If false nothing is added
historytrueboolEnable history back closes lightbox instead of reloading the page
throttleInterval0intTime to wait between slides
doubleTapZoom2intZoom level when double tapping on an image
maxZoom10intMaximum zoom level on pinching
htmlClass'has-lightbox'string or falseAdds class to html element if lightbox is open. If empty or false no class is set
rtlfalseboolChange direction to right-to-left
fixedClass'sl-fixed'stringElements with this class are fixed and get the right padding when lightbox opens
fadeSpeed300intThe duration for fading in and out in milliseconds. Used for caption fadein/out too. If smaller than 100 it should be used with animationSlide:false
uniqueImagestrueboolWhether to uniqualize images or not
focustrueboolFocus the lightbox on open to enable tab control
scrollZoomtrueboolCan zoom image with mousewheel scrolling
scrollZoomFactortrueboolHow much zoom when scrolling via mousewheel


show.simplelightboxFires before the lightbox opens
shown.simplelightboxFires after the lightbox was opened
close.simplelightboxFires before the lightbox closes
closed.simplelightboxFires after the lightbox was closed
change.simplelightboxFires before image changes
changed.simplelightboxFires after image was changed
next.simplelightboxFires before next image arrives
nextDone.simplelightboxFires after next image arrived
prev.simplelightboxFires before previous image arrives
prevDone.simplelightboxFires after previous image arrived
nextImageLoaded.simplelightboxFires after next image was loaded (if preload activated)
prevImageLoaded.simplelightboxFires after previous image was loaded (if preload activated)
error.simplelightboxFires on image load error


let gallery = new SimpleLightbox('.gallery a');
gallery.on('show.simplelightbox', function () {
	// Do something…

gallery.on('error.simplelightbox', function (e) {
	console.log(e); // Some usefull information

// with jQuery nearly the same
let gallery = $('.gallery a').simpleLightbox();
gallery.on('show.simplelightbox', function () {
	// Do something…

Public Methods

openOpens the lightbox with a given Element
openPositionOpens the lightbox to specific position
closeCloses current openend Lightbox
nextGo to next image
prevGo to previous image
destroyDestroys the instance of the lightbox
refreshDestroys and reinitializes the lightbox, needed for eg. Ajax Calls, or after dom manipulations
getLighboxDataGet some useful lightbox data


var gallery = $('.gallery a').simpleLightbox();; // Next Image

Multiple Lightboxes on one page

You can have multiple lightboxes on one page if you give them different selectors. Here is a small example:

var lightbox1 = $('.lighbox-1 a').simpleLightbox();
var lightbox2 = $('.lighbox-2 a').simpleLightbox();


You can customize Simplelightbox by changing the style in simplelightbox.css.

If you are using SASS, you can customize Simplelightbox with the following variables

$sl-font-family: Arial, Baskerville, monospace;
$sl-overlay-background: #fff;
$sl-navigation-color: #000;
$sl-caption-color: #fff;
$sl-caption-background: #000;

$sl-counter-fontsize: 1rem;
$sl-caption-fontsize: 1rem;
$sl-close-fontsize: 3rem;

$sl-breakpoint-medium: 35.5em; // 568px, when 1rem == 16px
$sl-breakpoint-large:  50em;   // 800px, when 1rem == 16px

$sl-arrow-fontsize-small:  2rem;
$sl-arrow-fontsize-medium: 3rem;
$sl-arrow-fontsize-large:  3rem;
$sl-img-border-small:  0 none;
$sl-img-border-medium: 0 none;
$sl-img-border-large:  0 none;
$sl-iframe-border-small:  0 none;
$sl-iframe-border-medium: 0 none;
$sl-iframe-border-large:  0 none;

$add-vendor-prefixes: true !default;


using gulp
Run gulp watch to enable continous watching of both src/simple-lightbox.js and src/simple-lightbox.scss. Both files will be compiled to dist/simple-lightbox.js and dist/simple-lightbox.css respectively. Open dist/index.html in your browser to inspect your changes...

Just call gulp build to have all files and variants created inside dist!


2.14.3 - Adding avif as format
2.14.2 - Fixing error with caption sibling matches and added option for captionHTML.
2.14.1 - Fixing #314. The captionSelector was to heavy. To not break #61 again I wrote a workaround for css + & > selectors
2.14.0 - Merging #309 - thank to @romain25, fixing #305 - removeChild error if overlay option is disabled.
2.13.0 - Fixing #281 close lightbox on load,#311 caption not working, #307 second time opening not working with download option, #310 - passive scroll event default warning in console.
2.12.1 - Fixing #292. Error with download-link
2.12.0 - Merging #283. Fixing className whitespace error. Thanks to @MVogge. Merging #287, which fixes #286 thanks to @majid-1xinternet. Added download option. Thanks to @cnotin
2.11.0 - Added possibility to add multiple classes to captions #280, added possibility for better selectors which fixes #62 again, fixed #268 lightbox not centered with scrolling
2.10.4 - Fixed #277 - add passive listener for scroll events, #276 mistake z-index
2.10.3 - Fixed #264 - Fixed wrong mouse-zoom when the page is scrolled
2.10.2 - Fixed #258 with opacity flicker on overlay. For this, moved style option captionOpacity to js plugin
2.10.1 - Fixed #255 fast switching photos and #256 for hiding back and next buttons on loop: false
2.10.0 - Fixed #254 - Nav Buttons disappear and adding new method getLighboxData so get some useful data for #251
2.9.0 - Added mousescroll function with new options mouseScroll and mouseScrollFactor
2.8.1 - Fixed #250 - No closing if image load fails. #249 Disable scroll on Mac works now
2.8.0 - Fixed #235 - legacy file too big. #236 bad package.json and added support for passive event listeners #240. Thanks to @coderars for the issues and some code
2.7.3 - Fixed #232 - sourceAttr does not work. Thanks to @bivisual for the issue
2.7.2 - Fixed #231 - disableRightClick doesn't. Thanks to @DrMint for the fix
2.7.1 - Fixed #228 - no mouse swiping in firefox. Thanks to @DrMint for the fix
2.7.0 - Merged #206 which fixes #205. Thanks to @ocean90 for the idea and PR
2.6.0 - Added new option uniqueImages for #156, focus for #190 and fixed bug #200 issue closing during animation
2.5.0 - Added new option fadeSpeed. This will fix #147 and #186
2.4.1 - Added new simple-lightbox.legacy.js with IE 11 Support. Fixes #175, #178, #183 and some other bugs from 2.4.0
2.4.0 - Added new option for fixed elements class #195
2.3.0 - Merged Feature for ESM Modules. Thanks to Dmytro Hrynevych #180
2.2.2 - Fixed direct closing on load error #182
2.2.1 - Fixed bug #174 and problem with ES Modules
2.2.0 - Added ES Modules support, thanks to @seralichtenhahn for the PR. This fixed #164
2.1.5 - Fixed bug #169 open method with jQuery and #171 error while pan on mobile devices
2.1.4 - Fixed bug #168 doubletap zoom on touch devices
2.1.3 - Fixed bug in destroy method #167 and bug with html in navText #165
2.1.2 - Fixed additionalHtml bug #163
2.1.1 - Fixed captions bug #162
2.1.0 - Added rel grouping feature #16 and added rtl support #161
2.0.0 - Complete rewrite. Now uses modern ES6 javascript, without the need of jQuery. Can use jQuery anyway. Developers can use gulp with babel to contribute. Thanks to Mtillmann #129 for the implementation
1.17.3 - Fixed new chrome passive error #155
1.17.2 - Fixed caption keeps disappeared on double click #139 and added better close symbol #133
1.17.1 - Added webp in fileExt list #135, removed hardcoded a-tag in isValidLink function #134
1.17.0 - Merged pull request #132. Added double click to zoom for desktop browsers - Thanks to coderkan
1.16.3 - Merged pull request #126,#127 - Thanks to jieter
1.16.2 - Added featured #124 - Add a class to html element if lightbox is open
1.16.1 - Fixed pinch to zoom offset error on scrolling #123
1.16.0 - Pinch to Zoom feature for touch devices with new options doubleTapZoom and maxZoom #79
1.15.1 - Merged pull request #113,#114,#115 - Thanks to RaphaelHaettich and celsius-jochen
1.15.0 - Merged pull request #111, fixed #101 and added possibility to close lightbox on load #74
1.14.0 - Merged pull request #107 and #108. Thanks to RaphaelHaettich
1.13.0 - Added featured #92 and merged pull request #98 and #99. Thanks to RaphaelHaettich
1.12.2 - Bugfix for #89
1.12.1 - Bugfix for #88,#87 and remove bind/unbind #84
1.12.0 - New option captionClass #81, bugfix for #82
1.11.1 - Merged pull request #76. Thanks to walterebert, added support for images with parameters and file extension check #59
1.11.0 - New option for src of image. e.g data attribute #70
1.10.7 - Added Bootstrap compatibility #69
1.10.6 - Merged pull requests #65. Thanks to mstaniuk
1.10.5 - Merged pull requests #60 and #61. Thanks to slavanga
1.10.4 - Bugfix von #58
1.10.3 - Merged pull requests #55, #56 and #57. Thanks to karland
1.10.2 - Aligned navigation and close buttons #51, fixed image error bug #52
1.10.1 - Added support for jQuery 3.x #50
1.10.0 - Implemented feature-request #48, history back, some bugfixing and code styling
1.9.0 - Implemented feature-request #16, added rel option for grouping images
1.8.6 - Implemented feature-request #46, added refresh method
1.8.5 - Implemented feature-request #44
1.8.4 - Bugfix for #41 and added option for additional html inside images #40
1.8.3 - Bugfix for #38 and small other fix for loop false option
1.8.2 - Better bugfix for #33, finally fixing multiple lightbox on one page slowness issues!
1.8.1 - Bugfix for #31, #32 and #33
1.8.0 - New API Events (changed open to show) and little fix in function open() brought by Geoffrey Crofte and some other small bugfixes
1.7.2 - Bugfix von #25 and #27
1.7.1 - Bugfix von #22 with new option alertError and merged pull request #23
1.7.0 - Add support for fading between photos, Bugfix for single image navigation, option for caption delay
1.6.0 - Option for caption position. Disable prev or next arrow if loop is false and position is first or last.
1.5.1 - Bugfix for multiple lightboxes on one page
1.5.0 - Added options for disabling rightclick and scrolling, changed default prev- and next-button text
1.4.6 - Option for fileExt can now be false to enable pictures like
1.4.5 - Bugfix lightbox opening does not work on mobile devices
1.4.4 - Bugfix no drag&drop in FF, changed default close text, only output data if lightbox is opened
1.4.3 - Bugfix z-index for spinner to low, added sass files
1.4.2 - Bugfix for issue #2 - Drop Event does not fire when mouse leaves window
1.4.1 - The whole caption Selector is rewritten. You can now select an element and get its text, use data or attribute
1.4.0 - Caption Attribute can now be what, you want, or data-title. Fixed some small issues
1.3.1 - Bugfix: disable keyboard control if lightbox is closed
1.3.0 - Added current index indicator/counter
1.2.0 - Added option for captions attribute (title or data-title)
1.1.2 - Bugfix for looping images
1.1.1 - Bugfix for loading indicator and removed a log-event
1.1.0 - Added classname for lightbox wrapper and width/height ratio
1.0.0 - Initial Release


Andre Rinas - Github


Martin Tillmann
Geoffrey Crofte - Github
Karl Anders - Github
Raphael Hättich
Serafin Lichtenhahn
Jochen Sengier - Github
Dmytro Hrynevych
Dominik Schilling - Github



Last updated on 03 Apr 2024

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