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aPRAW is an asynchronous Reddit API wrapper written in Python.




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Asynchronous Python Reddit API Wrapper by Dan6erbond.

aPRAW is an asynchronous API wrapper written for the Reddit API that builds on the idea of PRAW in many ways. It follows a very similar design, but adds features such as unlimited listings and, most importantly, support for asynchronous requests. This allows the library to be used in scenarios where the requests can take longer (such as with those unlimited listings and streams) and not block other tasks.

Table of Contents

Key Features

  • Asynchronous HTTPS requests to the Reddit API.
  • Unlimited listings.
  • Full OOP class design.


aPRAW requires a release of Python 3.6 or newer as it uses the inbuilt async and await syntax. You can install aPRAW via pip:

pip install apraw


Create an application on your Reddit account as per their documentation. Once you have that, you can interact with aPRAW and its subclasses:

import apraw
import asyncio

# instantiate a `Reddit` instance
# you can also supply a key to an entry within a praw.ini
# file, making your login compatible with praw as well
reddit = apraw.Reddit(client_id="CLIENT_ID", client_secret="CLIENT_SECRET",
                    password="PASSWORD", user_agent="USERAGENT",

async def scan_posts():
  # get an instance of a subreddit
  subreddit = await reddit.subreddit("aprawtest")

  # loop through new posts
  async for submission in

if __name__ == "__main__":
    # get the asyncio event loop
    loop = asyncio.get_event_loop()

    # add scan_posts() to the queue and run it

Due to the fact that aPRAW's code is almost entirely asynchronous, you will have to perform all network-related tasks within the asyncio event loop.

Community and Support

If you have any questions regarding aPRAW and its usage...

  • Join the /r/aPRAW subreddit
    • Feel free to post a question in the questions thread or make your own post if it could start a big discussion!
  • Join the aPRAW Discord server
    • Use the #💬general chat for discussion about the library and talking to other users.
    • Use the #❓questions to post questions. The developers will try to get back to you as quickly as possible, but other users can help as well!
    • Use the #💡ideas if you have any ideas for the framework but don't know how to implement them, or just want to throw in the suggestion.


Of course, aPRAW is open-source under the GPLv3 license and all additions and bug reports in the form of issues and pull requests are welcome! For further information, view the contribution guidelines and have fun coding!


The full API documentation can be found on Read The Docs.


  • Full coverage of Reddit's API.
  • PyPi release.
  • Never-ending streams.
  • Useful helper functions.


aPRAW's source is provided under GPLv3.

Copyright ©, RaviAnand Mohabir

Note by the Developers

aPRAW's development process and code is in no way affiliated with that of PRAW. The design allows for a simple adoption when moving from PRAW to aPRAW, but the developers have set out to create a wrapper from the ground-up, without the use of a pre-existing codebase.



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