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Minimalist terminal digital clock




Python application Build Status GitHub last commit Github last version License: MIT

:warning: Please use pip3 or python3 instead of pip and python

darshellclock is a MINIMALIST console application to display time and date with nice ASCII digits in your terminal. Uses curses

Here is a demo but mostly you would use this in a small persistant terminal. (More on "why this project?" in the side notes at the end)

darshellclock demo


Suitable for quite small terminal sizes. Useful for having a clock sitting around if you use a tiling window manager or tmux for example.

  • Nice 'blocky' ASCII digits :purple_heart:
  • Localised date format :airplane:
  • 2 sizes of digits, smaller digits for smaller term
  • Autoresizing and centering
  • Color selection of the time or the date
  • Possibility to hide the date and/or the seconds
  • Autoclosing (if wanted, see arguments in 'Usage and keys')
  • All the parameters are saved upon exit :+1:

Usage and keys

The usual arguments are here + a 'stop' argument for the autoclosing functionnality

-h --help        Show help
-v --version     Show version number
-i --info        Show info [ASCII ♥]
-s --stop STOP   Quit the application after <STOP> seconds

While in the app, use these keys to change the configuration :

hShow or hide help
zChange time color
xChange date color
dShow or hide date
sShow or hide secs

Installing and starting

Use Python 3.x

:warning: Please use pip3 or python3 instead of pip and python

Install using pip3:

 pip3 install darshellclock 	# installing
 darshellclock			# lauching

Or if you want to do it manually you can clone or downlad and extract the project:

$ git clone
$ cd darshell-clock 
$ python3 darshellclock           # to launch/test ; or you can install it :
$ python3 install --user # to install
$ darshellclock                   # to launch installed version

Side notes

:information_desk_person: This program was mainly made to try out a whole life cycle of a simple python app and to grasp new skills around github/CI/python package distribution/etc. The discussion section is open if needed.

If you encounter any problem or have any suggestions, please open an issue or send a pull request.


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